e-Waste Recycling – Liquis Announces e-PAQ, Patented Solution for e-Waste Disposal

e-Waste Recycling - Liquis Announces e-PAQ, Patented Solution for e-Waste Disposal
Liquis, the industry leader in facility decommissioning services, has announced that the Liquis e-PAQ, a self-managed e-waste solution, can comprehensively solve a business’s needs for managing electronic waste that includes PCs, laptops, network equipment, and much more.

Liquis and Jeff Searcy have announced that the company’s patented Liquis e-PAQ serves as a self-managed e-waste recycling solution. The e-PAQ can hold up to 1500 pounds of e-waste that includes PCs, laptops, network equipment, servers, CRT & LCD monitors, telecom gear, UPS & laptop batteries, computer accessories, software, and cables & phone cords.

The container, once filled, is collected by Liquis. The e-waste is recycled, and the client is provided with a detailed report of the assets. This is an affordable turnkey service that businesses can benefit from. Liquis can also erase all data from drives to ensure enhanced data security and minimize the possibility of data leaks.

According to sources, Liquis offers the following e-waste recycling services –

  • Computer Recycling Services – Liquis is one of America’s largest computer liquidation services that assist businesses in legally disposing of computer-related e-waste through its computer recycling and data destruction services. After thorough erasure of data, the computers are broken down into their most basic components for recycling and remarketing.
  • UPS Battery Recycling – Battery recycling needs to be handled professionally to satisfy environmental norms and prevent the spread of hazardous chemicals. Liquis handles UPS battery recycling for businesses in the process of a facility shutdown or because the batteries have reached the end of their useful life.
  • APC Battery Recycling – Liquis recycles APS batteries following local, state, and federal rules.

According to Jeff Searcy, owner, Liquis, “The Liquis e-PAQ could not be simpler to deploy to all of your locations in the US that have surplus IT assets. After just one call, and for one rate, your company will receive the e-PAQ, be able to fill it up, and have all of your e-waste and recyclable IT equipment professionally managed. We’ll arrange shipping to our secure warehouse, inventory everything, record information that is important to you like the asset tags, serial numbers of the machines, as well as responsibly recycle all of the items. All of this for just one rate. How could that be easier?”

To learn more about how the services offered by Liquis work, please go here https://www.liquis.com/services.html

In addition to e-waste recycling, businesses can avail of a host of other services from Liquis. These include asset recovery, asset management, facility decommission, data center decommission, and industrial removal. The services can be customized to meet the needs of a particular business depending on the size and immediacy of the requirements. 

Elaborating on the nationwide e-waste recycling service offered by Liquis, Searcy said, “To protect themselves from liability, companies need to take the proper disposal or reselling of their e-waste seriously. Liquis offers e-waste recycling and data destruction solutions to help companies of all sizes manage their e-waste and meet legal requirements. Liquis maintains a zero-landfill policy and adheres to standards that meet or exceed local, state, and federal guidelines. Plus, we limit our downstream partners to ensure better quality control, and we require that they meet or exceed EPA standards and are ISO 14001 compliant and ISO 9001 compliant.”

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