Tanso S1 – World’s First Tablet-like 3D Scanner Released by Revopoint

California-based 3D scanner and 3D camera manufacturer Revopoint 3D has released an unprecedented desktop 3D scanner, TANSO S1.

Revopoint is a high-tech company based in California that has developed TANSO S1. This tablet scanner contains two depth cameras and one RGB camera. The developers have used artificial intelligence technology in TANSO S1. It is the first tablet 3D scanner in the world that can perform 3D scanning without the requirement of PC. TANSO S1 is capable of scanning diverse objects and outputs super-accurate 3D models. The size of this scanner is 7 inches. When it comes to its weight and thickness, then it is of 1.15 pounds and 0.59 inches. This desktop 3D scanner can perform various scanning operations in an efficient manner. Its interface is similar to the typical tablets, so you would not feel any difficulty in handling it.

The output 3D model has an accuracy of around 0.1mm, which is quite impressive. If you follow the instructions properly, then this 3D scanner will perform its tasks efficiently. In just three minutes, it will provide you a 3D model with fine details. The Marketing Manager of Revopoint, Andy Yang said, “With embedded computing capability, the models are ready for preview in detail by tapping, pinching or zooming your fingers on the screen, like when you are checking a photo on iPad, but the difference is the 3D model can be checked in 720 degrees, from left to right, from bottom to top”.

TANSO S1 is fantastic because you don’t have to use a PC with it. It can perform tasks on its own. It provides complete mobility because of its cable-free setup. The company has mentioned that this scanner is based on the latest technological innovation due to which it can scan big objects of size up to 300 x 300 x 300 mm. Three diverse working distances will give you the best output results. If you want to know the specifications of TANSO S1 in detail, then click here.

Furthermore, TANSO S1 can also work as a mini projector. It will display a big screen with bright shades. You can also use this tablet scanner for entertainment reasons like listening to music, watching movies, chatting with friends, and playing games.

A model processing software is provided for free, in which users can polish the 3D models. You can also take out prints of these models. The prints will be as clear and bright as displayed on the screen. You can use the high accuracy models for multiple purposes like historical heritage restoration and online product display.

TANSO S1 is being sold at $1,488 at Gearbest. Contact info@revopoint3d.com for more details.

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