Taking Existence Crisis as a Warning and Saving Mankind as a Holy Duty

There is a famous adage of Lao Zi, “Good fortune follows upon disaster;disaster lurks within good fortune”. It means that fortune and misfortune are not absolute. They are interdependent, cause and effect each other, even transform each other. It indicates that bad things can lead to good results, and good things also can lead to bad results. Everything has two sides. Sometimes good is evil, sometimes evil is good.

It also applies in modern days with the rapid development of science and technology. Science and technology is a double-edged sword, which can not only benefit human beings, but also destroy them. The stronger the ability to benefit is, the greater the power of destruction is. And the power of destruction will eventually destroy them.

When it comes to technology, “artificial intelligence” is probably the most popular term at present. It can be heard everywhere, filled with people’s eardrums and washed the world’s brains. Artificial intelligence, also known as machine intelligence, refers to the intelligence shown by the system made by man. Generally, artificial intelligence refers to the intelligence realized by ordinary computers. In Taiwan, artificial intelligence is also called artificial wisdom. Artificial intelligence, as a branch of computer science, is a new kind of technology science, which researches and develops the theory, method, technology and application system to simulate, extend and expand human intelligence.

Artificial intelligence seems to be blossoming flowers, but its development will also bring a series of problems. Scientists are best qualified to speak on this question. The late famous British physicist Stephen Hawking once pointed out that with the development of artificial intelligence, human beings may become extinct in the future. “The success of making an artificial intelligence robot will be a milestone in human history,” he said, “But unfortunately, it could also be the last milestone in our history, unless we learn how to avoid the risk of destroying human beings.”

There are many science fiction movies about robots’ conducting anti-human actions after self-awakening, such as The Mechanical Monsters, Autómata and Ex Machina, etc. We should not think that it is just an imaginary story. If we don’t take measures to limit the irrational development of science and technology, the fear, blood, pain and sadness in the film will become realities one by one in the near future. When human beings enjoy the unprecedentedly advanced and convenient artificial intelligence, have you ever thought that its disorder and abuse will one day turn the manipulator into a blade and insert it into human’s own chest! After the prosperity, the people who create artificial intelligence are killed by artificial intelligence. When all the programs are out of control, when the robot becomes a cold mechanical zombie, the whole human will face a disaster of extinction.

However, AI is just an example. There are many others, such as nuclear threat, gene mutation, nano robots, and the search for extraterrestrials. A deadly tsunami is often brewing under the seemingly calm sea, so people should be vigilant in peace time. As in A Dream in Red Mansions, before Qin Keqing’s death, she appeared in to Wang Xifeng’s dream to remind her that “too much water drowned the miller”. What she said is that everything has a certain degree, and things always reverse themselves after reaching an extreme. Everything is a unity of contradiction, and there are two aspects of contradiction. Under certain conditions, when a certain aspect of contradiction dominates and plays a decisive role, things show the nature determined by it. It also contains the opposite of good and bad. After the accumulation of both, when the bad side finally occupies the dominant position, things will go to the opposite side. The so-called law of the development of all things is that things fall after prosperity. It is a long-term plan to avoid too much. This principle is also suitable for the development of science and technology.

Someone may ask that human beings are just beginning to enjoy the achievements brought about by science and technology. Why should we so early worry that the science and technology will destroy mankind? In fact, it’s not unnecessary worry. The root cause is humans’ evil nature: selfishness and greed. These two words are used to describe it as “insatiable greed, insatiable desire”. For the sake of money and interests, some people even can sell their souls, lose their humanity and do whatever they want.

Mr. Hu Jiaqi, a famous anthropologist, has been studying human problems for 40 years. He was determined to fight for human cause all his life at the age of 17. He used his profound knowledge, spent much time studying and writing books day and night, forgetting food and rest and run around spreading. He pursued the methods of ideal, walked with difficulty, searched up and down, and always took saving human beings as his duty. He believes that science and technology is a double-edged sword. The stronger its ability to benefit mankind is, the greater its power to destroy mankind is. When science and technology develop to the level where extinction means can be produced, the extinction means and the development technology of extinction means will continue to spread, sooner or later, to people that dare use the means. The human population is extremely large. Even if there are few people, the absolute number is relatively large. Because, human is a specific species, the evolution is not perfect, there will be irrational people who will do extremely bad things. And if these extremely bad things were done once, human being would be extinct.

After 40 years of intensive research, Mr. Hu Jiaqi has set up a complete and rigorous theoretical framework for demonstrating the viewpoint of “science and technology exterminating human beings”, which is reflected in his most important representative work Saving Humanity. The book has been continuously improved and revised by the author, and the third edition has been published. In addition to being published on the mainland, it was published in Singapore not long ago.

In addition, Hu Jiaqi has sent open letters to human leaders and dignitaries of various countries five times, explaining that science and technology have the ability to exterminate human beings and expressing his worried mood. In his fifth open letter to the leader of mankind recently published, Hu Jiaqi, the scholar close on sixty years of age said sincerely and heartily —

“In the past 40 years, my research on human issues has been a process of running and appealing. I have made every effort and done everything what I can. However, all the cries are weak, all the work has little effect, and science and technology are like a runaway wild horse running forward. I know very well that there is not much time left us by fate. Human beings are in urgent need of an awakening movement to promote overall awakening.


“After 40 years of hard work, maybe I don’t have another 40 years to fight for it. I don’t think I can fight alone as we used to. I must set up an organization to use the power of the organization to promote an awakening movement for all mankind. I should make every human being, especially every human leader, realize clearly the necessity and effective way of restricting the development of science and technology as soon as possible. So, in California, the Save Human Action Organization (SHAO) was officially registered and established, with November 1, 2019 as its establishment date.”

The Save Human Action Organization (SHAO) is a milestone in the process that Mr. Hu Jiaqi has worked hard for 40 years in the academic field. It is of great significance for later anthropological research. It also fully reflects that Mr. Hu, in the face of difficulties and setbacks, does not give up, does not complain, but keeps his original intention, works hard to find solutions to the problems. There is always a kind of high spirit in him, like a poplar on the plateau, “towering, indomitable, against the northwest wind”. He has always been so energetic, optimistic and upward, just like the 17-year-old, his face is shining…

He has studied the human issue for 40 years and will devote all his life to the cause of saving mankind. With extraordinarily strong will, Hu Jiaqi explains the persistence and purity of an anthropologist for us.

To conclude with the last two paragraphs of Mr. Hu Jiaqi’s fifth open letter to human leaders: Research shows that among the billions of stars in the universe, there are very few that can produce intelligent life. Chance of human beings’ birth on earth is very rare, far less than one in ten thousand. 

Fundamentally speaking, the power of nature can eventually exterminate human beings, but that is billions of years later. The incomparable strength of mankind means that the biggest enemy of mankind is mankind itself. Science and technology continue to develop, and the extinction of mankind is not far ahead. If we don’t wake up, we will fail our ancestors, descendants as well as the chance that the boundless universe has given our species with the greatest love.

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