Rebirth Chain: A decentralized global financial system based on blockchain technology

Games have inadvertently become the “attention resource” that occupies the most people, and meet the multiple needs of human social, entertainment, and self-actualization. Therefore, the time people spend on games is also increasing. As we all know, in the context of the information revolution Now, time is the only hard currency capital for people. With the advent of blockchain technology, that is, the Internet of Value, the value created by “spending time” on games has become block specific. Today, Rebirth Chain will The real value attached to the virtual carrier truly realizes “game value tokenization” through the blockchain.

Rebirth Chain, drawing on the concept of open source, builds a decentralized global financial system based on blockchain technology. Rebirth Chain is an open virtual asset DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization) for all game developers and players, dedicated to In order to build a global community of game developers, “share, co-build, share” a common governance community. Among them, the Rebirth Chain community through the original core underlying architecture technology and consensus mechanism, all types of game developers and players participate in and Complete co-governance, community benefits are completely shared by community users.

Rebirth Chain will subvert traditional games from the following three aspects to achieve “game value tokenization”:

First, the rules are transparent and cannot be tampered with: In the past, people may worry that the algorithms of online games are tricky, and for large games such as World of Warcraft, the value of virtual assets is very limited when the mechanism is opaque, and it is almost impossible to have investment value. At this time, Rebirth Chain came in handy. Through transparent rules and data, Rebirth Chain made online games more credible and made investment in virtual assets possible.

Development and dissemination of the community (DAO) system: In the traditional game industry ecosystem, the interests of developers and channels and publishers are split, and channels and the distribution of a large number of monopoly game revenues make it impossible for developers’ interests to be guaranteed. Rebirth Chain will use Blockchain technology creates a game ecosystem where game players, operators, and developers inspire each other, provides players with a better game experience and security protection, and provides operators and developers with a unified development and operation ecological environment, breaking the existing Industrial pattern.

Virtual Asset Confirmation: On the one hand, Rebirth Chain can chain user’s props and other virtual asset data in the game to achieve asset confirmation, that is, confirm that the asset belongs to the user. On the other hand, virtual assets in the game can be simpler and more convenient Reliably linked to digital tokens, Rebirth Chain has issued a community token REB based on virtual asset confirmation to better achieve on-chain confirmation.

If you want to build a full circulation platform of virtual assets and truly realize the interconnection of game assets and ip, you must need a game with broad consensus as the main body, and all other games will be developed based on this game as an accessory game.

The main application scenario of Rebirth Chain-the peak reincarnation blockchain pan-entertainment integrated game platform, is such a consensus body. Peak reincarnation, by creating an intermediary service provider pan-entertainment ecological platform, builds a good internal circulation mechanism for each platform and promotes all Affiliated games operate and develop more healthily and benign in the main game.

Rebirth Chain will use the main application of Pinnacle Reincarnation to completely change the content of the game (IP, rules) and the business model of the game industry (development, distribution, channels, virtual asset transactions), and create a new model of blockchain-based games.

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