RCP will debut BW.com exclusively worldwide on December 13

According to official BW.com news, RCP Ruilei Chain will launch the world’s first BW China Currency International Station at 15:00 (GMT + 8) on December 13th, at which time the RCP / USDT trading pair will be opened.

About RCP

RCP (Rayleigh Wave Consensus Mechanism Protocol) is a blockchain-based electronic financial transaction protocol, and it is also a public chain ecological platform positioned for applications in the digital financial industry. RCP uses the RCP (Rayleigh Wave Consensus Mechanism) consensus mechanism and relies on artificial neural networks & genetic algorithms to find the optimal solution for clearing and payment. It can be applied to cross-chain, payment, exchange, and decentralized transactions.

In response to several shortcomings of the existing blockchain technology, the RCP technical team has continuously explored and put forward practical solutions. Some scientific research problems that cannot be completely solved by the current level of science and technology, and the RCP technical team has also formulated the future from the underlying technology development plan. In order to solve the various obstacles that the blockchain technology may face during the application and landing process, the RCP blockchain platform adopts a two-layer structure: the bottom RCP Chain provides basic blockchain services; the upper RCP Application Adaptors encapsulate internally and externally Modular adaptation provides a series of interfaces that meet application scenarios, reducing the complexity of application docking.

The RCP product architecture is divided into three components: account center, distributed ledger services, strategy and management. Most of them are implemented from scratch, some adopt some standard open source components, and some are optimized and improved on mature frameworks.

In the future, relying on top-level high-end technology, RCP will surpass the existing cross-chain transaction status, improve the on-chain game experience, improve the status of community interaction on the chain, and will also be used in global trade, supply chain finance, credit reporting, Artificial intelligence, Internet of things, medical and health, IP copyright, education, charity, social and other sectors to build the ecological chain, the value of the prospects is considerable.

About BW.com

BW.com is the world’s first digital derivative trading platform based on mining pools. South Korea ranks in the top three, Indonesia ranks first, and the global CMC ranks in the top ten. There are 1.5 million registered users, 60,000+ daily active users, 6000+ new users daily, and daily transaction volume exceeding 600 million USD. BW has precise users from the global blockchain industry, and the community languages ​​cover Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Africa, Turkey, Malaysia, Spain, India, and so on.

About Cooperation

As a mainstream platform in the industry, BW has certain influence. It has always been dominated by promoting the development of blockchain finance and improving the development level of blockchain technology. As a public chain ecological platform positioned in the digital financial industry, RCP Ruilei Chain should participate in such a development torrent and contribute to the global financial and economic development of the blockchain. During the cooperation period, BW and RCP will jointly target the digital currency application scenario, blockchain + payment, integrate industry resources, and promote the global financial and economic health of the blockchain. In addition, we will also carry out in-depth cooperation on the frontiers of blockchain fintech such as maintaining financial security and global fast payment. I believe that the RCP digital financial industry application public chain ecological platform will definitely develop significantly and contribute more applications in the future.

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