Kickstarter campaign introduces new exciting battle memory tabletop game

13 Monsters by Twisted Stranger is a battle memory tabletop game that assures excitement, fun and thrill rolled into one for both adult and kid gamers. 

A new game is up for memory game players. Internationally famous design agency Twisted Stranger has recently launched a new game on Kickstarter that promises fun and excitement with your whole gang for hours. Titled “13 Monsters”, the game is a cutting-edge battle memory tabletop game which can be played by kids and adults alike.

13 Monsters is a gorgeously illustrated multiplayer game that can be played by 2 to 8 players. It’s all about creation and destruction of monstrous beings.  Interestingly, the new game is a culmination of different classic dice and memory games that most of us have played as kids. The gaming designers have combined the best of gameplay from the yesteryears with modern elements such as HP & AP elemental powers & special abilities to come up with a highly enticing memory monster game for the 21st century players. 

“All of us have had a special corner for monsters since our childhood. We have read about wild things time and again and had even searched under the bed for monsters. We still check for them from time to time. And it’s this very quest that led our team to design and develop a new yet timeless monster tabletop memory game. Thus, ’13 Monsters’ was born. The game is an exclusive blend of the most thrilling gameplay elements of our childhood and a bunch of new rules which altogether have gone to churn a really engrossing piece this time. If you have been looking for a cool party game that will take your event to the next level, count on our new game”, stated Rens Willemsen, the man behind Twisted Stranger.

13 Monsters is the labor of love of an entire team of researchers, illustrators, programmers and storytellers who have passionately worked for 2 long years to give the game a final shape. As per Willemsen, the game comes with a short learning curve and all you will need here are good memory, a little bit of skills and a dose of good luck to win the game. 

To play the game, players would have to set the gameboard with 78 cardboard tiles faced down. Each of the players would have to find a top, bottom and middle portion of a monster to create the full body. There are 5 types of monsters here. Once a monster gets completed, the player will get HP and special powers. The player with the highest HP total will be the winner.

13 Monsters has already received a massive response at demo phase in the last year. The game has proven to impress both kid and adult players alike.

“My son liked the memory part the best. Me? Battling to steal each other’s monsters!”

“For anyone who likes or dislikes game, this is a real fun one!”

“The main ethos behind our game is to woo ‘you’, the gamer. 13 Monsters is the fruit of love by our team and also by the gaming community at large. Being passionate gamers, we know what our fellow gamers have been looking for so long. And this is where 13 Monsters comes in. The entire set is ready and we are soon to begin our mass production. Thus, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring 13 Monsters to life and present you a truly exciting game this time.”

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts on the game, a portable playing field, canvas tote bag and an exclusive limited ‘Gold Edition’.

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