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New York, USA – Creative Biolabs is quite proficient at applying phage display techniques & mature products to global clients’ projects covering a wide range, which include but are unlimited to phage display library construction, phage display library screening, premade libraries of antibody & peptide and more.

Technical principles

Phage display technique, a crucial approach of studying the interaction between protein and protein, peptide and DNA, is irreplaceable in modern laboratories which functions through displaying the target exogenous protein (peptides, antibodies, scaffolds, etc.) on the surface of designated phage that then get applied to constructing library containing numerous designated phages, and therefore bridging the gap between genotype and phenotype.


Creative Biolabs’s phage display systems (M13, T4 or T7) can fit in with any projects to conduct immune, naïve or synthetic library construction from a long list of species like monkey, llama, camel, shark, rodents, chicken, ferret, etc. The outcome can achieve high quality with a diversity of 8th power of 10, whose capacity ranges from 7 to 12th power of 10. In addition, the resulting libraries will be ensured of high affinity, scaling from negative 7 to negative 9th power of 10, surpassing most of the CROs’ in industry, to make convenient for clients’ following research procedures or lab experiments. Before delivery, the libraries will undergo QC validation to make sure all requests get fulfilled.


Any client without designated peptides, antibodies or DNA can find solutions from Creative Biolabs’s full product catalog of premade libraries of antibody & peptide that are constructed with the help of the comprehensive systems and well-experienced scientific staff. The list covers human scFv phage display library, human Fab, mouse antibody, rabbit Fab, chicken, and peptide. Incidentally, special orders asking for immunized human antibody libraries generated from diseased patients have counterparts.

As for the crucial component of antibody drugs, single domain antibody (sdAb), there are libraries resources supplied by this conscientious CRO, which are obtained from camels, llamas, and even humans, aiming to assist with relevant studies regarding the development and engineering of single domain antibodies. The content of the items is as follows.

CaVHHL-1: Camel Naïve SdAb Library
CaVHHL-2: Camel Naïve SdAb Library
LlaVHHL-1: Llama Naïve SdAb Library
HuSdL-1: Human SdAb Library-HuSdL®
HuSdL-2: Human SdAb Library-HuSdL®

All of the premade library products or the library construction services are provided in line with the standards and regulations of GMP, in the aim of supporting global clients with the problems related to the therapeutic antibody R&D projects. If more information about the products or technical support is required, please visit the official website at https://www.creative-biolabs.com.

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a professional in the field of antibody production and manufacturing, specialized in optimizing global clients’ projects regarding cancer drug development with the high standard antibody products and one-stop services facilitated with high-end technology platforms.

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