See the success conditions of golden seed from the block chain

Blockchain technology has experienced three stages of development and has become a mature technology. Many large Internet companies around the world started to lay out the blockchain industry as early as 2014.In the future, blockchain technology will be on an equal footing with Internet technology.

The creation of digital money

Due to the unique mode of blockchain technology, digital currency is bound to come into being with the emergence of blockchain, which is an inseparable mechanism in blockchain technology. The digital money market is the world’s largest emerging financial market in years, with daily trading volumes of more than $1 trillion, 40 times the size of the New York stock exchange.With the development of digital currency online transaction technology, in July 2016, when the storm of digital currency was about to go global, mannheim university laboratory in Germany, in conjunction with blockchain geeks, established the Golden Seed investment management platform and established a unique high-tech comprehensive investment institution. 

High frequency pulse resolution system

January 2017: Golden Seed laboratory developed a high-frequency pulse resolution system. Golden Seed has an original financial trading strategy mechanism suitable for the market, which is an auxiliary trading system developed based on a unique algorithm combined with network big data. The high-frequency pulse resolution system launched by Golden Seed laboratory maintains long-term cooperation with more than 100 financial institutions around the world. The high-frequency pulse resolution system can obtain the most valuable information in the first time, helping each cooperative trading team to identify the appropriate order time and trade category. 

Great opportunity to enter the market

In the current digital currency trading market, high-frequency trading institutions are less involved. In view of the particularity of digital currency, traditional large fund institutions hesitate to enter the digital currency trading market, which is a perfect opportunity for Golden Seed, which has technology and trading advantages. 

Practicability of high frequency pulse resolution system

The practicability of GS’s original high-frequency pulse resolution system is that the high-frequency pulse system independently developed by GS has been demonstrated in the digital currency market, which has strong anti-risk capability and revenue capacity. The stability is GS high-frequency pulse resolution system is a mature trading system with both trading technology and IT technology, and IT is also a close combination of trading specialist and computer algorithm. Artificial flexible and rigorous machine, to create a trading system, with strong stability, can create stable returns; High technology is the source of high return only when the research and development pressure is extremely difficult. Golden Seed has the combination of trading technology and IT technology. That is why Golden Seed has a solid presence in the digital world. 

Future plans of Golden Seed laboratory

Golden Seed laboratory for Golden Seed of future planning to achieve full of confidence, to Golden Seed will become stable currency type Numbers GuanPing set, it will be the best, the most stable, sustained growth of the product, and will develop the seeds and chain and gold Seed ecology DAPP, serve block chain, financial trading products and artificial intelligent technology development, for gold Seed DAPP flow of 1 billion users are full of confidence in the future.

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