FNT creates the next round of wealth of digital currency

In 2019, fund-raising penetrated into the currency circle on a large scale, with obvious benefits.  It has brought a lot of new capital and new users to digital currency, which is in a bear market, and also caused a small bull market in 2019.  However, fund-raising is a double-edged sword. While it brings in traffic, it also makes people outside the circle fear at the mention of digital currency, reaping Chinese leek, short-lived fund-raising, pyramid selling currency, return to zero currency and other phenomena grow in geometric multiples.  In this chaotic currency circle, everyone has a wish to find a real value currency, a currency that can be invested for a long time.  It is now bitcoin.  In addition to bitcoin, anything else? Is there a new star to look forward to? What is worth holding for a long time?

After more than nine months of observation and selecting, the editor finally started the promotion of this new currency – FNT.

A lot of people who are used to doing projects have doubts. FNT has been online for almost 11 months since January 17. Can they still go on? Everyone is accustomed to the pattern of a crazy rise at the beginning, followed by reaping Chinese leek. However, this is also FNT’s unique point. 369 is a cycle for the project. From another point of view, a project can survive for 9 months, which shows that this project is worth studying.  This is also the reason why the editor did not start work on FNT until he had observed for more than 9 months. If a project can last only a few months and a year, then the project will be entertaining itself.  Don’t launch projects to harm people, because the outcome will be miserable. Take a look at the K-line map since FNT went online: 

It can be seen that the online price of FNT is 0.15USDT, the highest price is 0.8931USDT, and the current price is 0.36USDT. Many people are particularly entangled in short-term fluctuations. This is a kind of mentality that can only make money but not lose money. After the design of the top architects of FNT Fund Company and SKY Fund Company, full consideration of the suggestions of community members, the SKY Plan – a guaranteed transaction model was introduced. In a nutshell, money is taken away and lost money is compensated. 

SKY Plan is also very easy to use. The SKY Plan app has a reference buying and selling price every day. In this price range, go to the exchange to buy and sell FNT, and make a report to buy and sell in the SKY App. Many community members have doubts. If you make money, take it away; if you lose money, someone will pay for it, then who will pay for this capital market? The answer is actually very simple.  This will return to the essential application of FNT.  FNT creates a quantitative investment ecology, making profits through independent research and development quantification, strategy and investment consultation, and then feeding the profits back to FNT community, that is, 100% to the secondary market.

Three highlights of SKY Plan: First, the threshold for participation in the SKY Plan is low, 200USDT-700USDT. Compared to games that can be participated with large funds, the SKY Plan is much more close to the people; Second, the loss is compensated and the money is taken away directly. For the community, it is the best way to raise the community. The viscosity of the community is of certainly important, but the most basic thing is to ensure that everyone does not lose money. Third, capital is free and it can buy and sell at will. SKY Plan does not store users’ assets, but only serves as a book to record profits and losses.  The user’s assets are on the exchange. If the users think there are risks, sell them directly.  There are no restrictions;

If this new year’s gift is the warmest, then SKY Plan’s guaranteed transaction is very warm.

FNT website:https://www.fintool.info

FNT Trading market: https://www.fintechonex.com/markets/spot/fnt_usdt

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