New exciting online multiplayer 3D platform racing game debuts on Kickstarter

Crazy Ball Racing is an upcoming competitive online multiplayer racing ball game that assures seamless fun, adventure, and excitement to enjoy with a whole gang of fellow gamers.

Great news for platform racing gamers looking for something new the coming year. Las Vegas-based rising gaming company, Yellow Coat Games, has recently launched a new competitive ball game on Kickstarter that promises to light up your lazy weekends and in-house parties with friends. Titled “Crazy Ball Racing”, the latest number is an online multiplayer 3D platform racing game.

Boasting state-of-the-art game design, Crazy Ball Racing is an exclusive blend of all the good things you find in racing games, platform games, and multiplayer numbers. On the one hand, the game unleashes the “rush” factor of a racing game while on another, it tests the skill of a platformer with its exciting challenges and levels. To top it all, the game promises the very intensity of a massively multiplayer experience that players will savor with their whole gang of buddies.

“We are excited to introduce our brand new competitive ball game, which assures hours of great fun and entertainment for your entire gang. You have a next-gen online multiplayer 3D platform racing game here, which will transcend your gaming sessions to a whole new level altogether. Being ardent gamers, we know what our fellow gamers are looking for. And we have armed Crazy Ball Racing with the right dose of thrill, rush, adventure challenges to ensure fabulous gameplay for you all”, stated a leading spokesperson from Yellow Coat Games.

To make racing more interesting, the game has come up with a versatile range of racing tracks. Players will have to race through these various tracks in diverse environments against other players, to out-play their opponents and collect coins throughout the race. As Crazy Ball Racing is a competitive ball game, the ball plays a significant role here. Players would have to control a ball here, which is capable of multiple actions like wall climbs or explosive attacks- to help the gamers wade through various obstacles during the race. The coins collected will help a player to unlock different skins and more powerful effects for their ball.

What makes Crazy Ball Racing different from its regular counterparts in the market today, is that it features exciting controls with various movement options as well as thematic elaborate maps full of life and challenges for players to experience.

“Crazy Ball Racing is a truly thrilling online multiplayer platform racing game that all gamers have been waiting for.  There is a bundle of cool actions that you will enjoy, such as vertical racing, fiery smash to slam the opposition, and so on. The game is intelligently designed with distinct and innovative matches so that you always have something new to discover and enjoy here. Even after multiple sessions, you will still feel you have not got enough of the game. But, such a high-end gaming project demands robust financial backup and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring the game to life and present you mindblowing gaming experience.”

Backers will be rewarded with a plethora of cool gifts. These include handy discounts on gold key, ball passes, YCG Exclusive Plaque, having their name on the game map, and so on. 

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