HVAC Services Available for Both Residential and Commercial Needs in the Apex, NC Area

HVAC Services Available for Both Residential and Commercial Needs in the Apex, NC Area

Apex, North Carolina has a great deal to offer both residents and visitors. This is one of the few places that combines the friendliness and laid-back atmosphere of a small town with easy access to all the shopping, entertainment and other opportunities of big-city life. On top of all its strong suits, Apex generally has relatively comfortable temperatures to enjoy throughout the year. 

All that being said, certain summer days can get a bit warm with temperatures creeping close to the 90s. Some of the winter days get pretty chilly as well. Because of this, heating and air conditioning services are just as vital in Apex as they are elsewhere across the country. Allen Kelly & Company, Inc. is here to serve home and business owners in Apex and the surrounding areas.

Taking a Closer Look at the Area’s Go-To HVAC Company

Allen Kelly offers the full range of commercial and residential heating and air conditioning services, including system installation, upgrades, repairs, inspections, and routine maintenance to name a few. As a locally owned and operated company serving the area for nearly 30 years, its team members are dedicated to providing the highest possible level of service and satisfaction. Further details about the company and its services are available at https://allenkelly.com/

Promoting Heating and Air Conditioning Efficiency

Heating and cooling account for a considerable portion of energy consumption in today’s homes and offices. According to a recent report, furnaces and air conditioning systems make up at least 50 percent of home and business energy expenditures. This amounts to more power use than lighting and all other appliances and devices combined.

While modern HVAC systems are far more efficient than those of the past, they tend to lose a great deal of their productivity and cost-effectiveness over time. Having routine inspections, cleanings and system tune-ups performed on a regular basis can help prevent this loss. This should be done at least once a year preferably during the more temperate months.

Home and business owners looking for over-the-top efficiency are increasingly turning to geothermal heating and cooling as opposed to conventional alternatives. These types of systems are said to operate at anywhere from 300 to 500 percent efficiency while leaving a much smaller footprint than other options. With fewer maintenance requirements and no need to refill fuel tanks during those colder months, geothermal energy offers plenty of benefits.

Reliable HVAC Systems All Year Long

Today’s HVAC systems are more diverse than ever before, and they’re designed to cover a broader range of needs than those of the past. While they’re built to offer greater efficiency, ongoing upkeep helps ensure they continue to perform well. Despite the best of efforts, though, breakdowns are bound to happen from time to time. Having repairs made as needed will go a long way toward extending the life of the system and keeping everyone comfortable no matter what the weather holds in store.

Families and businesses in Apex need their heating and cooling systems to be fully functional and reliable all year long. Whether you’re looking to sign up for a routine maintenance plan or in need of emergency repairs, Allen Kelly can help. Of course, new units and system installation are available as well. Visit https://www.allenkelly.com/contact/ with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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