A Breakthrough Spiritual Guide – Kat and Curtis Knecht’s Newly Released Book Provides Highly Effective Techniques for Soul-Searching

Ojai, California, USA – Spiritual business coaches and dynamic couple Kat and Curtis Knecht have now released their book, The Soul Search: A Spiritual Philosophy and Practical Tool. This book breaks down the ancient practice of soul searching into a clear sequence of steps, the Soulsearch, so the reader can access their own wisdom when making important choices.

It is full of inspirational and entertaining stories and examples of how to systematically use this process of soul searching. They range from how the Soulsearch works in relationships, to grow a business and strengthen a work team. There are examples of personal and professional challenges where the Soulsearch process was used to turn a challenge into a triumph.

At the center of the book is a riveting, true story of how the Soulsearch process was used to save Kat’s life when she was kidnapped as a teenager.

Kat and Curtis Knecht are highly proactive leaders who connect the dots between spiritual practice, personal joy and financial success. Together, they help people untangle their thinking to face challenges and move forward with confidence.

The Soul Search offers effective tools, tips and exercises for readers to harness their inner wisdom and unlock their reservoir of hidden talents and capabilities. By doing so, readers can put themselves on a path for success, fulfillment and progress in all aspects of life, ranging from professional endeavors to personal relationships.

Kat and Curtis Knecht are co-founders of Soul Driven Success – A Business Academy for Professional Coaches. Together, they deliver techniques for prosperity in business and life, while utilizing a practical approach towards spiritual success. Along with stellar coaching credentials, Kat is an ordained interfaith minister and Curtis is a psychotherapist. They combine their skills and qualifications to offer a truly special experience.

Kat and Curtis Knecht are available for interviews.

The Soul Search: A Spiritual Philosophy and Practical Tool is now available on Amazon.com

Book Preview: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0794RMFBD

About Kat and Curtis Knecht: http://souldrivensuccess.com/about

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