Cipher Chain – Future direction of value transmission

The innovation of technology promotes the transformation of human society and the economy. The arrival of blockchain technology has once again ushered in the evolution of human civilization. Faced with the opportunities and challenges brought by blockchain, all walks of life around the world are actively deploying, trying to change the original business and management model through this “combined innovation” technology.

Today, based on Ethereum, CCT has the most competitive comprehensive R&D capabilities in the world, and the research center gathers top talents in blockchain technology worldwide. Besides, the Cipher Chain project is funded by FIDOR BANK, the internationally renowned Internet company in Germany. FIDOR is the world’s first and only bank to announce access to the Ripple agreement and has an unparalleled leadership position in the blockchain market. Therefore, the digital currency issued by Cipher Chain is not only based on strong blockchain technology but also supported by strong funds.

The smart contract is a computer trading protocol that does not require intermediation, self-verification, and automatic execution of contract terms. It has been noticed in recent years because of the development of blockchain. Smart contracts on the blockchain are decentralized, programmable, non-tamperable, and flexible to embed various data and assets. Which can achieve secure and efficient information exchange, value transfer and asset management.

Cipher Chain is the next-generation blockchain infrastructure with smart contracts. Through quantum entanglement technology, hybrid mining and quantitative trading power management systems, Cipher Chain can effectively connect blockchain digital asset issuers, investors and third-party service organizations. Cipher Chain has a flexible blockchain infrastructure that can adapt to a large number of blockchain applications and commercialize high-performance drive blockchains. Because of the infinite possibilities of smart contracts, Cipher Chain has great scalability and is committed to providing professional, accurate and efficient investment services to investors.

The rapid development of blockchain has made entrepreneurs aware of the advent of business opportunities. Entrepreneurial models have become diverse as well. Undoubtedly, blockchain is going to change the world.

Cipher Chain – Future direction of value transmission, means consensus, intelligence, protocol, high-tech, equal, revolutionary, and aims to provide global blockchain value sharing infrastructure. In the future, Cipher Chain will build a global, multi-dimensional, cross-disciplinary blockchain value ecosystem to build a global emerging ecosystem of mutual trust, freedom, order, and justice.

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