Explains How to Throw the Best Beyonce Themed Bachelorette Party Explains How to Throw the Best Beyonce Themed Bachelorette Party

Planning a bachelorette party can be stressful. They are supposed to be the last big shebang before your friend becomes a wife, and that means the pressure is on. Depending on the bride, the party guests can be a mix of ages and relationships, and that makes finding activities that appeal to everyone a bit of a task. But fear not, because there is something that almost everyone agrees on, which is Beyoncé. Nothing says girl power and a good time quite like the queen. So dig this, make your bachelorette party Beyoncé themed and we promise it’ll be the talk of the town.

Break the Ice

This Woman Made Her Boyfriend Take a Beyoncé Exam Before They Married, which is absolutely brilliant. Follow suit and kick off the activities with a fun little quiz. Take lyrics from different hit songs and form party guests into teams. Set a timer and have them try to write down the song titles of each Beyoncé anthem within the allotted time. This little icebreaker is easy to plan, easier to execute, and will allow the partygoers to get to know one another. Plus, a bit of competition will create energy and set the tone for what’s to come. As a bonus, you could have a prize for the winning team, like extra drink tickets or ring-pops.

Bond with an Activity

Next, plan some sort of group activity to keep the party going. Planning an event where people are challenged to learn something new is always a great party trick to establish relationships within the group. Parties that include some sort of challenge end upbringing attendees together as they bond through the struggle towards meeting a common goal. Of course, this activity should be fun and energetic, as it is a bachelorette after all.

There’s nothing more Beyoncé than getting together with girlfriends and shaking it as she did in the music video for “7/11.” Companies such as DivaDance make it easy for you by offering dance classes for large groups. Whether you choose a short class or an intensive workshop, dancing is a great way to release those pre-wedding stresses. Going to an activity will also save you money on one-time decorations. Use that money instead to have lots of post-dance marathon snacks and waters. Then, get ready with the ladies and head to a bar. You will be feeling bonded, relaxed, and will have been listening to Beyoncé beats for hours so you’ll want to show the town the new moves you’ve learned.

Channel Queen Bey

Like any good organizer, it is your job to bring the energy. If you are excited and upbeat, your guests are more likely to be as well. According to, attitudes are contagious, so make sure you stay relaxed. There’s nothing worse than a stressed-out party planner when the day should be focused on the bride and having lots of fun. Channel Beyoncé and be that bossy queen you were born to be.

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