An Interview With Honey Good – Author of Stories For My Grandchild: A Grandmother’s Journal

Stories for My Grandchild: A Grandmother’s Journal, which makes the perfect gift for the holidays, has become a big seller online. It has been authored by Susan ‘Honey’ Good, a grandmother of 27, who is also the founder of is an award-winning online destination which was ranked near the top of Feedspot’s list of top 75 Baby Boomer Blog, and was awarded GRAND magazine’s Best Grandparents Website/Blogger Award.

The journal is a special gift that allows a grandmother to revisit their fondest memories and share their personal history, memories and values with their children and grandchildren. The journal is such a clever idea that allows grandmothers to laugh and smile about their youth and reflect how the world has changed from their dating days until now.

We wanted to learn more about the author, so we sat down with Honey Good to find out more about Stories For My Grandchild: A Grandmother’s Journal.

Q. Susan ‘Honey’ Good, you have brought out a book called Stories For My Grandchild: A Grandmother’s Journal, can you tell me more about the book?     

A. The book is a beautifully illustrated hardcover journal covering numerous topics in a Q&A format. It’s a keepsake for grandmother’s to answer in the first person, and add their personal stories and family history to leave to their grandchildren and future generations.


Q. Using a journal to bring back memories and share those memories with others is such a great idea, how did you come up with the idea for Stories for My Grandchild: A Grandmother’s Journal? 

A. An editor at Abrams Books noticed my website She read some of my stories and saw that I personified the ‘Cool 21st Century Grandmother’, who embodied the vibrant and visible role model of today’s grandmother. So, she asked me to be the author their book. It was Abram’s concept, but my prompts, questions and quotes throughout the book.

Q. The journal helps people to bring back some great memories, when you filled in the journal did you find yourself remembering things that you thought you had forgotten? 

A. Oh, yes. As someone who writes stories based on personal experiences, you recall all types of memories and see them in a fresh light that is very cathartic. One’s life is a book of personal memories, and remembering mine helped me write questions that I felt were authentic.

Q. You have 27 grandchildren; if they met you when you were a teenager, do you think they would say you were a cool person?

A. I have not doubt they would all know I was a cool person because they think I am the coolest grandmother they know!


Q. Do you think when grandchildren read their grandmother’s journal, it will help them understand more about them?  

A. Every child wants to know his or her family history. This journal begins with the birth of their grandmother and follows her life and her family’s path. After going through their grandmother’s childhood and the different stages of her life, the book ends with her words of wisdom and her dreams for her grandchildren. I always say that the greatest gift a grandmother can leave her children is what she leaves them in their head.

Q. The journal has become a big seller since you launched it earlier this year, why do you think that is? 

A. I know grandmothers want to write their life story because each answered question is an opportunity to leave their grandchild with a connection to her and their family heritage. This insightful book is an heirloom keepsake passed down as a gift to grandchildren, who in turn will pass it down to their children. In this Journal a grandmother’s intimate stories and her values are documented for perpetuity.

Q. A lot of grandmothers who have filled in the journal said they found themselves laughing about their childhood and growing up, can you share something that you thought was funny about growing up? 

A. I would like to take a different slant. I felt it was important to stress that growing up is hard. Of course, one can write however they feel, but I wanted grandmothers to take the prompts I wrote very seriously and not sugar coat the growing up years. As I wrote each prompt, I thought about this because kids don’t always laugh and are not always happy during the different stages of growing up. Of course, there is a lot of laughter, but there are also plenty of tears and fears and insecurities. Grandchildren should know their grandmother experienced the same fears and tears and insecurities as what they are experiencing. Grandchildren will realize it’s ok to experience upsets because, “gramma did, too.”

Q. A lot of people who have bought the journal have said it is a perfect present for their grandmother, why is that?

A. Because from a grandmother’s point of view, sharing stories from her past gives her grandchildren a sense of identity, a connection to their heritage. Through this book, grandchildren will know their grandmother for more than kisses and comfort. They will know her intimate thoughts and, more importantly, the values she will hand down to them and future generations.

Q. Do you have any plans to bring out a journal for both grandparents?

A. I have a million ideas going on in my head. I would like to write the prompts for LGBT parents, grandfathers, women and men raising a child outside of marriage and mixed marriages. Oh my, now with your last question I am dizzily contemplating more ideas, in my head!

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“The greatest gift a grandmother can leave her children is what she leaves them in their head.” – Honey Good

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