MouseCalls Technology Solutions Announces Expansion into the Reno and Sparks, Nevada, Area

IT veteran and Sparks resident Jim Gaba leading Nashville-based MouseCalls’ local expansion

Nashville, Tenn. – MouseCalls Technology Solutions, a Nashville, TN-based IT support, digital services, and cybersecurity provider for more than 20 years, is proud to announce our expansion into the Reno and Sparks Nevada area, and a local resident is leading the charge.
MouseCalls brings a unique solution set of IT, cybersecurity, and support to micro, small, and medium-size businesses and non-profits.  Organizations that may have been poorly served or priced out of professional IT services in the past may now receive a plethora of turnkey solutions such as:
● Help Desk

● Outsourced IT 

● Cybersecurity Services and Insurance

● Compliancy

● Website development

● Digital Marketing

● Monetizing Your Business’ WiFi

● Mobile App Development

● Digital Investigations and Forensics
Sparks resident Jim Gaba has led the effort to bring MouseCalls’ years of knowledge and experience to the area. Jim is an IT veteran with more than 25 years of leadership experience. Prior to joining MouseCalls, Jim held senior IT leadership positions at several companies in Nevada, California, and Arizona. He has also served on the Board of Planning Commission for Sparks, Nevada, and HOA Boards for the Vista Community Association. He is active in youth sports at the coaching level for baseball, football and basketball with the SYFL and Pop Warner organizations.

MouseCalls’ founder Alan Reeves has launched three IT companies over the years, with MouseCalls being his inaugural brand launched in February 1998.  IT companies are generally considered, technical, cold, and distant. Reeves founded MouseCalls with the intent to foster a different culture.  “We wanted to be the tech company you didn’t dread seeing walk in the door; the folks you might want to grab a beer with to watch a game,” Reeves says. “We are thrilled to expand our services in the Sparks and Reno area.”

MouseCalls offers all the following services at no charge to Reno and Sparks businesses:  
● Cybersecurity liability scan on a computer or server

● Dark web scan of your organization

● Website report card

● Technology Needs Assessment – Site Survey

● Analysis of Internet and phone bill

Additionally, MouseCalls offers a “Business-in-a-Box” package. The IRS recently released Publication 4557 for accountants and CPAs, which are a series of guidelines on securing taxpayer data.  Accountants and CPAs, even work-from-home, one-person tax preparers, are bound by these new guidelines, which include encrypted email, firewalls, and more. MouseCalls’ “Business-in-a-Box” allows these organizations to meet these regulations quickly and painlessly.
Call Jim and the MouseCalls team today to learn more about how we may help and secure your organization at ​775-571-2471​. Check us out at ​​!

About MouseCalls Technology Solutions ​Mousecalls is an IT services company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Founder Alan Reeves has owned or founded three IT companies over the last two decades. The fundamentals across all companies were always the same:

● We don’t have customers, we have clients.

● Never overserving, nor underserving, the client.

● We back up EVERYTHING of importance.

● We are a service company that offers technical solutions, NOT a tech company that also tries to get service right.

● We employ no engineers who have an ego because they happen to have technology skills.

● We listen.

● We explain.

● We get that IT is a trust relationship, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

● Just like Steve Jobs dictated, we never sell consumer-grade hardware.

● Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration.
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