Agencies Have 99 Problems, but In 2020 My Web Audit Says Selling Websites Shouldn’t Be One of Them

Agencies Have 99 Problems, but In 2020 My Web Audit Says Selling Websites Shouldn’t Be One of Them
HireAWiz creates a web-based solution that would empower and enable agencies to close millions of dollars in contracts by using website audits more effectively.

Digital marketing and web design agencies face unprecedented competition in today’s global market. Businesses and consumers have more options than ever before to choose from when vetting prospective web agencies for their next site build.

This has put tremendous pressure on agencies to find unique and innovative ways to position themselves in a way that clearly defines their value in the market. Seeing a unique opportunity and gap in the market, HireAWiz (HIREAWIZ.COM) sought to create a web-based solution that would empower and enable agencies to close millions of dollars in contracts by using website audits more effectively.

Out of this opportunity came My Web Audit, an SaaS product created to help agencies gain a competitive edge, communicate value, and sell more, faster through the use of results-focused website audits. Their forward-thinking approach to demonstrating value to prospects and customers in a way they can understand and delivering results has helped countless agencies grow, thrive and prosper.

The Challenge of Selling Websites

In today’s digitally-driven age, most business owners and professionals know that a website isn’t just a “nice to have” commodity, but an outright necessity to remain competitive. In fact, according to data from research firm RetialDrive, 87% of shoppers (including B2B) begin their buyer’s journey/sales cycle on digital channels. This means that not having a website can cost businesses up to 87% of their potential target audience.

Yet, even though the importance of having a high performing website is well known among the business community, many web design agencies still find making the sale a challenge. According to My Web Audit, “selling” ranks among the top factors hindering growth at most agencies they speak to.

Why is it so hard to sell web design services? Sticker shock, inability to convey value, “chop shops” undercutting prices, and the evolution of DIY solutions have left many design agencies feeling the crunch.

A New Approach to Selling Web Design

According to My Web Audit, many agencies have lost sight of what really matters:

  • UI/UX: How easy it is for a visitor to use the site.
  • Conversion rate optimization: How well does the site build trust and establish authority as a solution to the visitor’s problems or desired results.
  • Site performance: How fast does the content on the site load. Slow sites lead to poor user experiences and frustration.
  • Security: With over 50K sites getting hacked each day, it’s important that the site be secure and run on SSL to build confidence with the user browsing your site.
  • Search engine optimization: How well is the site optimized so it can be found and displayed for relevant search results by popular search engines like Google and Bing.

In other words, many agencies have shifted focus to stunning designs and creative graphics, forgetting the core purpose of the website for most businesses is to generate more leads and sales. My Web Audit contends that it’s time to get back to fundamentals and to delivering value and results for clients. They provide further information on this strategy in their agency guide to website audits.

Web design clients count on agencies delivering a website that:

  • Ranks on Google
  • Inspires visitors to take action
  • Converts prospects to leads, sales or opt-ins
  • Instills trust
  • Establishes authority
  • And more…

In other words, not only do they want a website that looks great, but that performs well, hitting all of their KPIs and driving ROI. After all, websites are usually a large investment for a  business, and they should perform as such, yielding strong returns for years to come.

My Web Audit: the next generation of web audits 

My Web Audit was created out of a need for web audits that could be used by agencies to build true value and deliver results. The SaaS is designed to help agencies close more deals and deliver more leads for the business. They also make available a number of high-value free audit templates for web agencies on their site.

Website Audit

With features carefully crafted and engineered to help your customers while simultaneously growing your business, My Web Audit’s “audit” sets the gold standard in website analysis, combining both manual and automated audit points. The SaaS provides detailed audit reports with actionable insights that can be leveraged to educate and inform prospects by showing them vs. telling them about exactly what you can do to help them get better results. This leads to your agency closing more deals.

Although other site audit tools exist (such as those for SEO), My Web Audit is the only one that focuses on those factors that drive the needle in performance, ranking and conversion rate optimization. The company believes that websites should perform and function as good as they look, with each scan automatically identifying and analyzing 80+ of the most critical factors.

Factors analyzed include…

1. User Experience

The user experience has never been as important as it is today. Studies have shown that 94% of individuals report poor web design as the reason they left or failed to trust a website.

My Web Audits Analyze User Experience Factors Such as:

  • Professional Design
  • Relevant Headlines & Copy
  • Mobile-Optimized
  • Professional Digital Branding
  • User-Friendly Navigation
  • Relevant Use of Images
  • Relevant Use of Video
  • Custom 404

2. Conversion Optimization

No amount of marketing dollars or effort can fix a poorly optimized website. Your site should be your best salesman.

My Web Audits Analyze CRO Factors Such as:

  • Prominently placed phone number
  • Clear and prominent CTA (call to action)
  • Implementation of lead capture forms
  • Incorporation of trust factors
  • Newsletter signup
  • Thank you / Confirmation page
  • Fall back / Secondary CTA
  • Clear and prominent USP (unique sales proposition)
  • Use of reviews and testimonials
  • Online chat support/functionality
  • Social media share buttons

3. Performance and Security

Sites that take 3 seconds to load lose up to 40% of traffic. Even for those sites loading fast, decreases in load time of as low as 10ms can yield measurable benefits.

My Web Audits Analyze Performance & Security Factors Such as:

  • Google Page Speed
  • GTmetrix Speed
  • Browser caching and compression
  • Use of a CDN
  • HTTPS protocols
  • And more…

4. SEO / Online Visibility

With over 87% of purchases beginning with a search query online, its more important than ever before to outrank the competition on Google and other search engines.

My Web Audits Analyze SEO Factors Such as:

  • Keyword ranking
  • Search engine accessibility
  • H-tags
  • GMB
  • Google analytics/tag manager
  • Meta title and descriptions
  • Site map
  • Adequate page content
  • And more…

5. Copy and Content

Engaging content that connects and resonates with visitors while inspiring them to take action is key to high performing websites.

My Web Audits Analyze Content and Copy Factors Such as:

  • Compelling messaging
  • Readability
  • Relevant headlines
  • Proper formatting
  • Scalability
  • Spelling
  • And more…

6. Other Unique Audits Include:

  • Legal: GDPR, privacy, terms of use, copyright, and more
  • Ecommerce
  • Landing page
  • Google My Business

Win More Deals Faster and with Less Work

My Web Audit focuses on helping design agencies get more done with less. Their “done for you” audit points identify key aspects of design, SEO, CRO, security and performance issues that impact a businesses’ bottom line.

These reports can be sent to prospects, used in sales calls, presentations, workshops and more. Additionally, their built-in email automation makes it dead simple for agencies to scale and systemize their outreach campaigns with the tool.

Unique Reports That Are:

  • Easy to understand website health scores
  • Identify top priorities
  • Provide instant “to do” lists
  • Cover actionable steps
  • Focused on the KPIs and factors that really matter
  • Effective lead magnets
  • Designed to convert
  • Ready for integration into sales cycles
  • And more…

Connecting With Clients and Providing Meaningful Value

My Web Audit is the first website audit tool designed to provide real and meaningful value for prospects. Its beautifully designed professional reports are tailored to earn web agencies more leads and impress clients, cutting through the noise from competitors and helping agencies stand out among the crowd.

Those interested in learning more about the SaaS and how they can incorporate the tool into their prospecting, lead gen and sales pipeline are encouraged to check out their official website or to reach out via the media contact information below.

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