An interview with Fan Hongxing, President of Shanxi Rongkun: A real estate industry leader who unlocked commercially compelling blue ocean opportunities in science and technology

by: Liu Jin

In 2019, Shanxi Rongkun commenced the expansion of its “Unicorn” lineup of strategic investment and industrial partnership. This was in addition to working to enhance their Science and Technological division. Why did this group company – which is real estate based, and supplemented by the automotive service industry – initiate the design of a roadmap for its science and technological innovation? Recently, Liu Wei, an economic daily reporter, conducted an interview with Fan Hongxing, president of Shanxi Rongkun Group, who revealed information hinging on this. In this dynamic new era of innovation and transformation that is likely to be far more impactful, Shanxi Rongkun will pro-actively embrace the vast benefits of “new technology”, transform “new species” and rush into a “new” future.


Gene Enhancement: A “Two-way empowerment” Programme

Reporter: In the semi-annual report, Rongkun proposed an upgrade to maintain its evolutionary science and technological gene. What is the overall corporate strategy of the company towards technological innovation?

Fan Hongxing: In the Science and Technology Industry, to amplify the competitiveness of the evolving science and technology gene of Rongun – together with the real estate industry – we are embarking on the promotion of a “two-way empowerment” of the main business – in addition to science and technology – , enhancing technological contents and promoting the release of potential value.

At present, Rongkun’s high-tech enterprise and industry synergy “matrix” has taken shape. In the next step, we will build a synergistic foundation for technological growth and new opportunities, promote two-way empowerment, maximize investment returns, design a technological platform, and strengthen the capability of technological innovation of Rongkun Science and Technology in promoting the growth and transformation of science and technology. In today’s world, industry giants and growth-oriented technology companies work together to achieve win-win results, which is an important way to promote technological innovation. Over the last few years, Rong Kun has invested in several “Unicorns” in science and technology. The objective is to create an enabling investment environment that can guide innovation efforts for growth in a systematic manner.

We hope to create a strategic framework for important shareholders of these companies and provide them with industry scenes, markets, and other empowerment schemes to promote their rapid growth. In the future, Rongkun will use the two-line model of “financial investment and industrial strategic cooperation” and the establishment of joint ventures with two “unicorn” enterprises in smart cities, smart towns, smart communities, and smart houses. The office, smart hotel, smart park, and other such fields have set in motion a comprehensive high-quality strategic cooperation. In trying to achieve a deeper expansion of its core business and rapid landing while providing multi-level and multi-industry rich application scenarios, it has accelerated the comprehensive transformation of Rongkun’s own “urban construction operators”.

In the future, Rongkun will focus on technology as the new frontier of innovation, strengthen its “strategic investment and industry synergy” two-line model to accelerate the creation of the “unicorn matrix”, build a scientific and technological innovation development system, and accelerate “city construction and operation”; including “Business” comprehensive transformation.

Creating competitive advantage and the rush to a “new future”

Reporter: Rong Kun proposes to embrace “new technology”, evolve a “new species”, and create the slogan “a new future”. Can technological innovation serve as the core competitive advantage for Rongkun Holdings?

Fan Hongxing: The era of a new round of science and technological revolution and industrial transformation is on the rise. Technological Innovation Frontier represented by big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and mobile Internet is infiltrating into all domains and profoundly reshaping industries and regions. Moreover, the country has a competitive landscape. Under the “big change in a hundred years,” enterprises can only seize the opportunity, embrace technology, and unswervingly evolve into a “new species” in order to acquire a position in the future market competition.

Based on this understanding in the last few years, the forward-looking development strategy of Rongkun Group established the concept of “Technology is the primary productive force and Innovation is the first driving force”. This created an atmosphere of “reflecting on development in the future, embracing technology and building advantages”. We will aggressively develop the science and technology industry and rely on technological innovation to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. We have made fruitful progress in our work.

Presently, from strategic partnerships in science and technology to the construction and operation of the carrier network, investment in science and technology projects, and innovation and technological empowerment, we have gradually established a huge scientific and technological development system with distinct characteristics, which has the advantage of winning the future market competition.

Topography: Technological Innovation Frontier represented by big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, etc. are the core development areas, with the promotion of Rongkun as the leader in the city construction operator’s comprehensive ability and operational service quality.

Integrated resource platform, three-chain integration, driving technological innovation

Reporter: What research did Rong Kun embark upon to build a science-based carrier network and boost technological innovation?

Fan Hongxing: This involves working with top scientific research institutes and companies, who utilize cutting-edge technology to combine first-class scientific and technological resources, build carrier networks and platforms for science and technology projects and technology enterprises, as an important way to promote the development of technological innovation and the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. This is in an attempt to form the complete system of Urban Science and Technology Park, Science and Technology Industrial City and Park Management Company by relying on innovation and technology to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

The City’s Science and Technology Park is committed to creating a High-Technology Industrial Development Zone through urban renewal; thus promoting the transformation of old and new kinetic energy and improving the city’s energy development level. For example, the “Rongkun-Future City” project is an innovation center for artificial intelligence built in Yuncheng. After its completion, it will be a high-start, high-density, high-standard 5G Technology Innovation Demonstration Zone, and combine the Internet, Internet of Things, and labor – Intelligent and commercial – into a fully residential ecological industrial science and technology park.

Our Science and Technology Industrial City largely focuses on VR, intelligent manufacturing, life and health, other core science, technology industries, and their upstream and downstream areas to create a large-scale industrial cluster, promote local economic transformation and facilitate technological upgrading.

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