Monthly Calm Review Leads Clients to Achieve Holistic Growth

Is there more to life than how people are currently living it? Why is there a high rate of dissatisfaction among many people in spite of their material wealth and economic capabilities? Why is it often that people feel a void within themselves that grows larger with age, always needing to be filled but not ever helped by a decent career, a busy lifestyle, or not with the amenities that modern life has to offer? What is it that people seek?

People have needs. A lot of it. Some obvious, others take realizing. At the most basic, there are biological necessities like air, water, and food. Then at higher levels are psychological and societal needs like avoidance of pain, finding pleasure, establishing relationships, having a sense of belonging, living in a structured community and so on. And then there is the highest order of needs tending to the abstract like having a sense of self-worth, a sense of achievement, and spiritual needs. Though there are levels to these needs, it must be realized that they are all interconnected and meeting them comprehensively offers the best chance for self-actualization or the fulfillment of all of one’s desires, talent and potential. This is what’s commonly known as holistic growth.

However, the path to self-actualization may seem difficult, or at least not easily apparent. People get bogged down fulfilling the basics. As they say, “life got to them.” Putting food on the table and providing for the needs of others take precedence but also all of one’s time and energy. People get caught up with the drudgery of work or fall into being a drone of modern living. Stress and anxiety weigh in heavily and people just want to get by every day in a purposeless life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s always a better way and one website offers means for people to realize that they can break-out of the vicious cycle they live in. That’s Monthly Calm.

Monthly Calm is an online provider of holistic courses that promise a better way of living. Monthly Calm is positioning itself as the premier source of personal development programs that help people live their life to the fullest. To achieve this, Monthly Calm has taken an unorthodox – almost counter-intuitive – approach as a resource provider.

Sure, the internet is full of places offering self-help books, personal development programs and other similar resources, some with hundreds if not thousands of titles dealing with the topic of holistic development alone. Compounding to that is anything that suggests “self-help” is often indiscriminately lumped in the same category as self-instruction like technical How-To’s and Do-It-Yourself’s. This means that finding an authoritative and credible course for holistic growth is always a needle-in-the-haystack scenario, which in turn becomes a source of frustration and demotivation – obstacles to actualization in themselves.

But Monthly Calm’s well-produced offerings are on a short-list while various enough to tackle the most common hindrances to holistic growth. Finding an appropriate and beneficial course will always be easy and convenient so people can start making improvements in their lives sooner. Less looking around, more actual learning.

For example, Monthly Calm offers one course on relaxation and how to achieve calm in our chaotic world. It’s comprehensive enough to tackle the important points of always staying relaxed, concentrated, and focused without sacrificing accessibility and practicality.

There’s also a course on stress management since dealing with stress and anxiety is the most common issue in the workplace or with family life. There are even courses on fitness and health that show how to take care of both the mind and body. Monthly Calm is adding more to its stable of highly effective courses but it’s taking a quality over quantity approach in producing developmental courses. This means that the selection of courses will always remain lean but very relevant for clients seeking to achieve holistic growth.

At the end of the day, the change that Monthly Calm offers with its courses is a change of attitude and perspective towards what people already have, improve on the experience, and derive meaning beyond their situation. It’s about living a healthier and happier, and appreciating life more. It could be a quick change or a long one that’ll take patience, discipline, and effort. But it’s a change that can start now.

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