8 International Divisions, 20+ Countries, 500+ Ventures, Dongsheng Cup Global Venture Contest Creates a Unique International Image with Highlights

Dongsheng Cup Global Venture Contest focuses on entrepreneurship services, providing entrepreneurs with a stage to chase their dreams.

Since the start in 2013 to now, Dongsheng Cup has spread beyond Haidian, beyond Beijing, towards the entire country and the world, attracting more than 5000 entrepreneurial projects, including nearly 1000 projects overseas, and has successfully achieved the landing and transformation of multiple projects.

As an important resource to tap overseas outstanding entrepreneurial resources, Dongsheng Cup has been expanding internationally since its opening of the North American and South Korean divisions in 2015. In 2019, it was launched again with a new attitude, actively responding to the national Belt and Road Initiative, and adding new areas Russia. It’s more than 500 entrepreneurial projects have been attracted.

Highlight 1: Focusing on the world: Expanding to 8 International Divisions

In 2019, the Dongsheng Cup set up 8 international divisions: the European division, the North American division, the One Belt and One Road division, the West Africa division, the Sri Lankan division, the Indian division, the Russian division and the South Korean division, covering over 20 ountries including the United States, Mexico, Norway, Belgium, Greece, Australia, Leah, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Kenya and more.  

Highlight 2: Win-win Cooperation: Joining Hands with V2V Summit and Activities  

In 2019, Dongsheng Cup will be jointly held with brand activities in each division to further promote resources and innovative development. In North America, Dongsheng Cup, together with V2V summit, an important science and technology exchange activity between China and the United States, has formed a development platform to match innovation with capital elements; In the Belt and Road initiative division,  Zhongguancun Dongsheng Science Park and OBOR (One Belt One Road) Industry Promotion Association held a competition and jointly built Dongsheng-Vine Base to help incoming entrepreneurs to better develop in China.  

Highlight 3: Multi-lateral Cooperation: Strong Support from Institutions, Investors and Industries  

Professors from well-known investment institutions, universities and industry experts give strong support to this event: Zhao Jian, Consul General of the Chinese Embassy in Chicago, George Bush, founder, Neil Bush, chairman of the US China Relations Foundation, and Mr. Zhang Xiaodong, Director of the Regional Industry Promotion Association, delivered speeches in the respective divisions.

Highlight 4: 7 Acceleration-enabled, and Hummingbird Plan’s help  

In addition to the establishment of a grand prize with a total value of 2.2 million yuan (including a million yuan prize and free physical space prize), the 2019 Dongsheng Cup added 7 acceleration gift packages, including training and guidance, investment and financing, policy consultation, brand promotion, resource transferring, space support, talent cultivation, providing support for entrepreneurs from all aspects including policies, training, funds and talents.  

This year’s international divisions will continue to include reviews, media, and other exciting content. Influential investors from China and the United States form a strong evaluation team. Xinhua news, China Daily, Toutiao, and other media will report in real time, promoting the brand of the projects. Angel Hack, previous contestant Fly Globos, and other project players will share their experiences at the event, including key roadshow project skills, practical experiences, and other opportunities. This will introduce opportunities in the future market of China.  

The high-quality projects that stand out from the international divisions go to the main division of Beijing to participate in the international semi-finals on December 10, 2019, competing for two Global Finals Promotion Card. The two finalists will join the six finalists in China, competing on the same stage for the million grand prize.  

The global finals and awards ceremony of the 7th Dongsheng Cup Global Venture Contest 2019 will be held in Dongsheng Gloria Plaza Hotel, Dongsheng Science Park, ZhongGuanCun on December 12, 2019. Eight contestants from over 1000 projects all over will compete. In the short amount of time, they will convince judges and guests to vote for them with project introduction, product innovation, business model, market development and other elements. Who will win the final prize? Welcome you to witness this on December 12, 2019!

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