Explains Three Benefits of Self Driving Car Technology Explains Three Benefits of Self Driving Car Technology

A self-driving car, also known as an autonomous vehicle, is a vehicle that can move around safely with little or no human input by sensing its environment and making necessary adjustments. Many types of sensors are used in this process, including sonar, radar, lidar, GPS, and more, and the data collected is analyzed by advanced control systems. According to, self-driving cars are gaining in popularity, and for good reason. There are three benefits of self-driving car technology. 

Increase in Safety

Each year, 1.2 million people are killed in car accidents worldwide and countless others are injured. The vast majority of accidents are caused by human error. If society as a whole were to make a move towards using self-driving cars, a lot of car accidents could be eliminated. This would save thousands of lives and billions of dollars in damages and healthcare costs. Therefore, it would be beneficial for all those involved to further the technology of self-driving cars. For more information about how companies are embracing this move and working towards this goal, check out this site

Better for Environment

One of the biggest contributors to greenhouse-gas emissions is transportation. Based on current transportation use, energy consumption is set to increase by 200 percent. Humans tend to use more fuel when driving and not always follow the most optimal route. However, by embracing self-driving cars, energy consumption could be cut by 90 percent. This is because self-driving cars are designed to follow the most efficient routes and operate in the most fuel-efficient manner. Companies like Torc Robotics are committed to developing self-driving car technologies to have minimal impacts on the environment. 

Other Applications

Companies are developing self-driving car technologies to be used in a variety of applications. For example, recent news has reported that Daimler starts pilot testing of self-driving Mercedes S-class taxis. Other professional driving industries can be impacted by self-driving cars as well, including the trucking, food delivery, and public transportation industries. Humans would still be needed to manage the systems that operate the vehicles, but transportation would become safer for all parties. Self-driving cars would also be beneficial to the rescue and emergency services industry. They would allow rescues to be performed in remote or dangerous areas without putting more lives at risk. 

Many of today’s vehicles are already equipped with some automated features, such as those that prevent collisions when changing lanes and stopping in traffic. It is exciting to think about the future that awaits with fully self-driving cars. With the development of technology, people will begin to reap the benefits of safer travel, a healthier environment, and improvements to other industries. Though there will be the occasional mishap to occur as the technology is perfected, overall the risks involved with self-driving cars are drastically less than those associated with human-operated vehicles.

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