How to Mitigate Damage from a Hard Drive Failure with Hard Drive Recovery, According to

How to Mitigate Damage from a Hard Drive Failure with Hard Drive Recovery, According to

Anyone who has ever stored information on a computer only to have it lost because of a system crash knows how devastating hard drive failure can be.  Built-in redundancy can help eliminate these risks, by backing up data at regular intervals and storing the data in multiple locations to prevent data destruction in the event of a hard drive failure.  However, multiple storage locations also increase the possibility of data breaches, which means that redundancy must be a complex balancing act of weighing the risks of failure against the risk of a breach. 

What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery refers to a process or set of processes used to retrieve information from a storage system after that data has been lost, corrupted, or damaged.  Because the methods for data recover depend on why the data is inaccessible and can involve a range of different techniques, the exact steps involved in data recovery vary from scenario to scenario. According to the Hard Drive Recovery Services Market Future Scope (2019-2025), multiple factors influence the techniques that will be necessary for data recovery, including whether the computer has a business, personal, or military applications.

Some data recovery firms specialize in recovering data that is inaccessible because of software issues, such as corruption but are not as adept at recovering data when it is inaccessible because of physical damage to the storage device. DriveSavers offers both physical and software recovery services.  They recover data from drives that have been dropped or otherwise physically damaged, in addition to drives that have been corrupted by software.  This flexibility begins with an individual assessment of the problem to determine why data has been lost and the best way to recover that data.  This may require taking apart storage devices, looking for physical damage, repairing that damage, and restoring function, before being able to attempt data restoration.  In those instances, it is critical to have a workspace that is a Certified ISO Cleanroom environment. To find more info about their approach to data recovery, visit their site.  

Data Recovery and Speed

According to, speed is normally a consideration when looking at data recovery services.  An option that can reduce data recovery time is remote data recovery when the damage is due to software corruption rather than physical or mechanical damage.

Preventing Data Breaches During Recovery

Of course, businesses must be concerned about data breaches when utilizing hard drive recovery services.  Many hard drives contain information that is either customer private information or proprietary business information.  Breaches of that data leave a business vulnerable.  How vulnerable depends on the business’s size and the type of data breach, but the average breach costs a company over 8 million dollars. Unfortunately, every time a third party interacts with a business’s data, the possibility of a breach is enhanced.  Where security and privacy are of top concern, it is critical to use a trusted hard drive recovery service that can restore encrypted data without decrypting it.

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