Royalty Born Dinah Lilia Mansour Abandons Affluence, Pursues Career in Private Security and Anti Human Trafficking

Dinah Lilia Mansour is the vice president Investigation Security Protection and also double as the chief executive officer of the Lilia Redemption Foundation. She was also the only female contestant for the position of mayor for Niagara Falls in Canada. Dinah is a private security enthusiast and an ardent believer in a crime-free society. Dinah is born of royalty, married into a family of affluence, and with first-hand experience in public life.

In her continued commitment to a crime-free society, Dinah Lilia Mansour abandons a life of affluence afforded by her royalty for a career in private security to the rich and celebrities. Mrs. Dinah is originated from turkey, a direct descendant of Queen of Egypt, Nazli Sabry, and a recent contender as Mayor of Niagara Falls in Canada. Dinah is incumbent vice president of OEIS Investigations, Security and Protection and couple as the Chief Executive Officer of Lilia Redemption Foundation; a charity organization she built with her spouse to provide help to children caught in human trafficking. When queried on her choice of the criminal investigation, forensics, and close protection business over a life of affluence afforded by royalty, the VP of OEIS and CEO at Lilia Redemption Foundation Dinah Lilia Mansour says “crime and criminal activities are increasingly assuming a new height, a responsibility too big for government alone to shoulder. If individuals are not willing to let go of their comfort zone in support of the government to eradicate crime and control criminal activities, it is only a matter of time before crime consumes everyone. A crime-free society is our collective responsibility”.

As the VP of OEIS, Mrs. Dinah stands at the vanguard of the fight against criminal activities with the provision of forensics and close protection that enhances criminal investigation efforts and reduce crime. OEIS operates a series of investigative services which include inventory loss and shrinkage, internal theft, employee reference checks, fraud investigation, corporate investigation, inventory valuation, family and divorce, world trade investigation, and other additional services. Dinah’s OEIS security services list, however, includes uniformed guards, mobile patrol, close protection, events, loss prevention, construction sites, condos, parking lots, and guard sitter. OEIS also provides security training and courses which include security guard training, private investigator training, close protection training, first aid and CPR, handcuffs and baton, and loss prevention training.

While relentlessly working to put a stop to crime and curb criminal activities with forensics for investigation and close protection to prevent kidnapping, Dinah Lilia Mansour is equally providing relief to children who had fallen victim to and been rescued from human trafficking through her Lilia Redemption Foundation. That every human deserves a life free of threat is a belief to which Dinah strongly upholds.

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