Secure Calendar Launches Free Encrypted Calendar App

When you think of cybersecurity, you probably don’t think much about your calendar. But if you use Google Calendar, it is time to start paying attention. In fact, given the recent news regarding that platform, it might be time to make the switch to a new, more secure free encrypted calendar app. Fortunately, Secure Calendar has launched a free, secure, end-to-end encrypted, and privacy-respecting calendar.

More than likely, you work diligently to prevent hackers from gaining access to your passwords, accounts, and personal information. You use secure passwords, maybe use a password manager, or even lock down everything with two-factor authorization. But despite our best efforts, sometimes the companies we trust let us down by leaving open a severe security vulnerability that we are not aware of. This is precisely what happened with Google Calendar. What is even worse is that this problem has existed since 2017, and Google is just now addressing it.

The Problem

Hackers are taking advantage of users through the feature in Google Calendar that allows event invitations to be automatically added to a user’s calendar, even if they are sent from a complete stranger. Those events then show up as invitations in the app. Unwitting users may click on those invitations and potentially be exposed to spam and complex fishing schemes. If those invitations are sent from nefarious actors, users may be redirected to a website that leads them to enter personal information such as account names, passwords, and other information that gives hackers access to financial or other critical accounts. This is a dangerous vulnerability. Even users who are diligent about security may be tempted to share critical data.

And that is not the only problem. Cybersecurity experts have also discovered a default setting in the app that has the potential to show the entire calendar to anyone on the internet. While this feature can be turned off, the fact that it is set this way as a default has left millions of users unwittingly vulnerable.

The Solution

Google is now frantically working on a fix and, in the meantime offering workarounds to make their calendar more secure. However, this is the perfect time to move to a calendar designed from the ground up to be secure and private.

As opposed to other calendars, Secure Calendar is built using Blockstack infrastructure. The Blockstack platform puts users in control of their data and identity and allows Secure Calendar to provide decentralized, encrypted storage. This gives you the user control over login and storage and provides you with control over your data.

Secure Calendar is more than just secure. It is also convenient. It allows users to create events with custom-named color labels, and define start & end times or all-day events. It also features a user-friendly interface so you can switch quickly between monthly, weekly, and daily views.

Don’t allow your data to be compromised, but something as simple and ubiquitous as your calendar. Don’t wait for Google to “fix” the issue that has been present for years. Get started with Secure Calendar and keep all your data secure. Try it on.

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