Renowned Chinese based company that specializes in offering a wide of CNC machines at affordable prices: Jinan Style Machinery Co., Ltd (STYLECNC) is pleased to announce its commitment to remain the industry top leader to the world. With over 10 years of experience and a strict production process, Jinan Style Machinery Co., Ltd is your one-stop company that offers high quality CNC machines, genuine CNC software and CNC accessories with international technology.

Finding the best CNC machine is quite difficult because most companies cannot guarantee a lifetime of CNC machines, in addition to this, few suppliers cannot offer a solution when facing problems with your CNC machine and this is where STYLECNC is trying to make a change.

Are you looking for the best CNC router that is specially designed for different kinds of industries without breaking your bank or you’re in need of an automated machine that can perform your difficult tasks like cutting, drilling, engraving, welding, turning and many other related tasks? If yes look no further because CNC router from STYLECNC is your best choice. It is suitable for use on woods, stones, plastics, glass, foam, aluminum and other soft metals


In addition to this, CNC plasma cutter is a metal cutting machine that is suitable to cut metals into different shapes like brass, iron, galvanized sheet, aluminum, copper and many more. It is convenient and fast to use. The plasma torch moves in a very path that is controlled by a computer. Unlike that of the handheld plasma cutter, CNC plasma cutter from STYLECNC realizes automatic machining with high efficiency, high speed and high quality.

STYLECNC plasma cutter

Furthermore, with the increase in demand for products made with laser cutters, small businesses and large manufacturing companies are replacing traditional mechanical cutting methods with laser cutting. And as a result of this, it can be difficult and time-consuming to get the laser cutting machine that best fits your needs. As a manufacturer, your laser cutting machine is more than a tool but also an investment because you’re not planning to replace it in the near future. STYLECNC laser cutter is designed with CNC systems that use a fiber laserbeam to cut various metals like steel, copper, gold, silver, alloy, iron and many others. A laser cutter with CO2 laser beam can also be used to cut many materials such as acrylic, rubber, wood, plastic, leather, paper, foam, textile, fabric into 2D/3D shapes.

STYLECNC laser cutter 

Another amazing product from STYLECNC is its laser engraver. The machine is durable laser equipment that is widely used to engrave letters, numbers, texts and patternson the surface of metal materials, rubber, wood, plastic, textiles and other materials. The laser engraving machine is equipped with a high precision stepper motor which makes engraving very easier.

STYLECNC laser engraver

CNC wood lathe from STYLECNC is a turning machine that is generally used to transform industrial products to ornamental purposes. It can be used to create unique cuts and designs. The wood CNC machine is mainly designed for all kinds of wood crafts.

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