As a forward thinker and pragmatic solution provider, Mike’s golfing interests span various nations of the world. His current passion is to teach others how to become champion golfers. The dynamics of a pragmatic training program and the real-time solutions for golfers; all throw up different vibes that resonate with the 21st Century lifestyle and realities. At the heart of these developments lies a dynamic golf player named Mike. This award-winning player has helped various individuals to play low scores and to improve their game. He currently runs various programs that help people to find out their strengths and areas that they will like to improve. Also, he has a website created to help people who started to play golf recently.

Golfers who are looking for golf range finder tools and other items can benefit from his training. The training reveals a new way to learn and improve on the different mechanics of the golf swing without being at the driving range. The training will enhance any golfer’s game whether a social handicap or a seven day a week aspiring professional. This website also focuses on helping people to get the most out of their golf rounds.

The new website is distinctively different from others, as it allows users to download and use basic videos, all at no fee. Their website contains all you need to know as a new beginner in the world of the gulf. It is a complete golf training, coaching and mentoring programmes infused on the website. Tutorial videos can be viewed via the website. Another feature that makes the website a masterpiece in golf mentorship is that the website is updated regularly to accommodate new articles. Articles such as How To Grip A Golf Club, How To Fix A Slice In Golf, How To Fix A Slice In Golf, How To Compress The Golf Ball, How To Compress The Golf Ball and How To Regrip Golf Clubs can be found on the website.

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