A Rare Opportunity to Get Second Citizenship in the Republic of Vanuatu via Agricultural Property Investment

The Republic of Vanuatu is also known as The Real Tropical Paradise, and an agricultural property developer is offering a chance to become a citizen in the country through its Agricultural property investment program.

December 11, 2019 – Richard Butler, an agricultural property investor based in Vanuatu, is pleased to alert investors around the world about an opportunity to invest in organic agricultural property, while also acquiring permanent residency in the Republic of Vanuatu as part of the investment package.

“Add-in the genuine, helpful, and friendly local people — from a myriad of backgrounds and cultures and a huge variety of landscapes and lifestyles — you will be so smitten with this tropical paradise. If you’re considering to get additional citizenship for your spouse and children, an extra discount is available for you,” said Richard Butler.

Vanuatu is a tax-friendly, south pacific nation, a peaceful paradise with friendly people, clean air, clean water, and organic food. The country just recently signed an agreement to become part of China’s belt and road initiative, which will see the current number of 130k tourists being taken to over 500k tourists in a year. This is good news for those willing to take the agricultural property investment program because it will make them a major stakeholder before the boom.

Usually, to acquire a Vanuatu citizenship costs $150,000. However, with the program, investors will not need to pay the amount since the cost for a second passport and citizenship is included in the investment plan, which amounts to $500,000, with a projected income of $50,000 yearly. The agricultural property (10 tropical fruit farmlets) will be managed under a farm share contract by a competent team who work together with the local people. This is a stable investment with a value that keeps increasing year by year irrespective of the status of the economy.

Vanuatu has a lot to offer those seeking a new life abroad. There’s a feeling of opportunity for investments and possibilities to achieve a lot. Its established communities make for a ready supply of new friends. With its proximity to North America, it’s easy to access from that location.

This offer is currently limited to 10 people, so it is imperative for those interested to take advantage of this opportunity.

For more information about this agricultural property investment program in Vanuatu, call Australia Phone: +612 8007 3803 or USA Phone: +1 209 676 4513, visit https://vanuatuinvest.com/second-citizenship/

About Richard Butler

Richard Butler is the two times trade commissioner for Vanuatu (2012/2015 and 2017/2019). He is also the project manager for South Pacific Plantations limited with 40 years of real estate development experience.

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