Explains Why Au Pair Pay Is More Affordable Than People Think Explains Why Au Pair Pay Is More Affordable Than People Think

Finding high-quality childcare that is also affordable is the eternal struggle for parents. For decades, families have been turning to au pairs for their childcare needs. These arrangements have benefits that go beyond the usual nanny scenario because they create positive learning environments and opportunities for expanded cultural understanding. However, they also come with some potential drawbacks that do not exist in traditional nanny arrangements.

What Is an Au Pair? 

An au pair is a person from a foreign country who lives with a host family. The au pair is responsible for childcare and may be responsible for other household duties, such as cooking or cleaning. The host family is responsible for providing for the au pair’s room and board as well as paying a stipend to the au pair for spending. Costs for au pairs vary, but they usually receive less money for their services because the host family is also responsible for their living expenses. The number of hours worked and the extent of the au pair’s duties vary from arrangement to arrangement and should be negotiated beforehand. Find out more information by clicking here.

Do Au Pairs Provide Full-Time Childcare?

In some countries, au pairs may be expected to provide full-time childcare while, in others, they may be limited to providing part-time aid. The answer depends not only on the host family and their needs but also on the country where the host family lives. In North America, many au pairs are full-time childcare providers, while au pairs in Europe are specifically limited to part-time help. Some au pairs are seeking to come to the host country specifically for educational opportunities and may not be able to provide full-time care, which is why it is essential to negotiate childcare coverage before signing any type of contract. Places like Go Au Pair can provide host families with guidance about choosing the right childcare situation.

Do Au Pairs Have Childcare Experience?

While the au pair arrangement can be very beneficial to the host families and the au pairs, au pairs may not have the experience with childcare that parents are seeking. With parents working longer hours and seeking a family-like connection between the children and caregivers, they often want people who are experienced at childrearing and not just experienced at supervising children. According to, people are expanding their ideas about in-home childcare. That is one reason Why more people are hiring ‘granny nannies’ or older nannies who have raised their own families and can bring the feel of extended family into the home.

Finding the Right Fit for Each Family

Every family’s childcare needs are unique. A situation that is perfect for one family may not feel right to another, and finances often dictate which options are available. That is why many families look at all of their options before deciding on the childcare solution that is right for them. Daycare, part-time help, live-in nannies, au pairs, or some combination of multiple types of care are all possible solutions.

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