Promotes the Benefits of an Inmate Kiosk for Jail Staff Promotes the Benefits of an Inmate Kiosk for Jail Staff

Thanks to an innovative, tech-centric technology now available in correction facilities around the country, it’s possible for inmate family members and friends to electronically deposit money into commissary accounts. This ability provides many more benefits than just allowing an inmate to purchase new boxer shorts or a Snickers bar.

The Introduction of New Technology

The ATM-style KIOSK is now available in the lobby of many correctional facilities, and there are some locations that have also installed them in the workhouse, along with other facilities, including the housing areas. This allows inmates to order the items they need and check the amount that is still in their account.

An additional feature of these kiosks is that it has enabled the change for video visitations. The addition of this has been successful in reducing an array of issues that jail staff has had to deal with in the past. Anyone interested in learning more about this new technology might read an article such as, “Jail moves to video visitation with inmates.”

Reduced Workload for Jail Staff

According to the kiosks do much more than just benefit inmates. It reduces the workload on the jail staff. This translates to reduced taxpayer dollars being spent to take care of the paperwork that comes with commissary orders, visitation for inmates, legal grievances, and more.

The Ins and Outs of Video Visitation for Inmates

With the kiosks, it’s possible for inmates to visit via a two-way, real-time video system with friends and loved ones. All this is done from the housing unit of the inmate, reducing many risks. There are some locations that even allow visitors to use these kiosks at the actual location, free from charge, but using the services at home may come with a fee.

The process of using this new technology requires family members to create an account, which is usually free. They must complete the signup forms and create a username and password. Once the account is created, it’s possible to search for detainees, prisoners, and inmates that the individual wants to connect with. Once that person is found, a connection request is sent, which is then approved by the inmate before the visit can be scheduled. Those who are interested can find additional info about that.

As mentioned above, at this point, the account holder can visit the facility for an on-site video visit, or they can stay at home, pay a fee, and visit with inmates via a connected device. For the staff at correction facilities, the video provides improved safety, as there’s no contact between inmates and the “outside world” which can help reduce the presence of contraband and other incidents that may occur in a traditional visitation setting.

The use of inmate kiosks is something that is starting to gain traction and be adopted across the country as a viable and effective way to connect with an inmate, regardless of where they are located or where their family or friends are located. In the long run, this technology is going to make it easier for family members to visit and make sure that the jail’s staff isn’t as busy or consumed with these tasks.

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