PPS House Buyers Deliver Fast, Specialized Title Services

PPS House Buyers Deliver Fast, Specialized Title Services
Home Buying Experts Provide Efficient, Affordable Solutions for Homeowners

HOUSTON, TX – PPS House Buyers, the industry leaders in effective, timely home buying solutions in Houston, continue to set the bar for property buyers everywhere. PPS and their team of real estate experts are adept at buying and selling homes, regardless of what physical condition or financial hardships may surround them. 

Backed by years of industry knowledge and over 600 satisfied homeowners, PPS is the undisputed champion of delivering a streamlined home-selling experience to even the most novice of sellers.

The team specializes in quick, value-driven, flexible home-selling solutions that empower sellers and take the guesswork out of an otherwise complicated retail process.  

One of the many ways PPS delivers unmatched value and ease to their customers is through their specialized title services – including liens, foreclosures, property tax issues, and illegal deeds. These roadblocks are almost impossible for sellers to navigate on their own, but with the help of PPS, they’re simply speed bumps on the way to a generous cash payment. 

Specifically, inherited homes have become a point of focus for the team, as more and more customers are coming into property left to them by a loved one. Of course, this comes with a host of different problems for someone looking to sell the property. 

It’s important for sellers to know whether or not their descendents had a will before passing. If they did, sellers are presented with two options – work through the probate courts, or draft an affidavit of heirship. 

Probate courts will appoint an executor to handle the estate, a process that may take a minimum of three months, but usually more. It’s often a lengthy and drawn-out ordeal that most sellers will not want to deal with. 

If an affidavit is drafted, the property is effectively put in the name of the descendents next of kin, typically a child or close relative. The heirship option is far and away the more effective method, especially for families that are already in agreement to sell the property. 

While heirships may be the quicker option, there’s still a cost associated with them. Most will cost at least $1,000 – not to mention the time spent in meetings, phone calls, and ironing out every last detail to ensure a smooth sale. 

PPS eliminates all of the red tape of the process – and does it for free. Regardless of whether a seller wants to go through probate or would prefer an affidavit, PPS handles the entirety of the situation from start to finish. 

President of PPS Joel Medrano explains:

“An heirship typically runs no more than $1,000 – my company will do them free of charge with the purchase of the property. Either option the family decides to go with, we have lots of experience with and have dealt with numerous cases.”

While other sellers struggle to progress through the legal web of challenges, PPS ensures a quick, effective, and seamless selling experience for each and every seller. 

About PPS House Buyers:

Since 2017, the mission of PPS House Buyers has been to simplify the complex home-selling process, and provide a fast and liberating experience for sellers. From inherited homes to damaged or vacant properties – from relocation to foreclosure, PPS House Buyers will provide sellers with the quick and generous payment they deserve for their property.

Visit them at https://ppshousebuyers.com/

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