WaykiChain (WICC) Being Invited to Global Blockchain Congress: Global Witness of China’s Blockchain Industry Superiority

On December 10th (UTC Time), as the only invited Chinese project, WaykiChain attended Global Blockchain Congress in Address Marina, Dubai. WaykiChain CSO Wayki Sun and WaykiChain Co-Founder Tony Chou attended the congress and communicated with other participants about blockchain technology development and the plan for future development on this congress.

WaykiChain representatives at Global Blockchain Congress in Dubai

The 4th Global Blockchain Congress (Dubai) is an international top private meeting involved by Dubai government and Dubai Royal Family Office. Nowadays, the rapid development of the blockchain industry has attracted the attention of the entire globe. This conference provides an opportunity for various enterprises and government organizations to seek for blockchain solutions towards different industries. Attendees of the congress included (all in random order) Eterna Capital, Titan Advisory, Huawei, IBM, and other world’s top financial, scientific and technological innovation companies.

WaykiChain Co-Founder and Eterna Capital CEO

WaykiChain, as the only Chinese project invited by the congress, introduced its technical strength, business models, and global development strategy to attendees. WaykiChain’s the third-generation of blockchain commercial public chain attract attendees attention with its highly advanced technology, innovative commercial mechanism and world’s leading level team. Moreover,  Royal Family Office showed great interests on the technical perspective of WaykiChain’s business models and enormous possibilities for future business cooperation on cross-boarder financial area. 

WaykiChain Co-Founder and European high-end investors

Since the Dubai government published the Dubai Blockchain strategy which launched by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan, Dubai is trying to apply innovative technologies in cities and sharing this with the world. It means that Dubai will be the first blockchain-powered government, driving the future economy. By this timing, WaykiChain takes the chances to explore and enter into Dubai Market. WaykiChain CSO mentioned during the meeting “Our mission at WaykiChain is to harness the power of Blockchain to create a more level playing field and economic opportunities for individuals and organizations around the globe.”

Waykichain representatives and Dubai Royal Family Office Senior Manager

Showing up on Global Blockchain Congress is the very step of WaykiChain entering Dubai and Middle East market. With WaykiChain’s internaltional market base, WaykiChain will further deepen the communication and connection with the whole world and continuesly make contribution with its leading specialization.

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