When the non-renewable resources industry meets the blockchain

With the rapid development of blockchain technology, more and more industries are stepping up their integration with blockchain technology. However, blockchain is not a panacea, so the technology is not suitable for all industries. The characteristics of renewable resources, such as decentralization and traceability, have solved many intractable problems in the industry. It is non-renewable resources of unknown origin, not even endorsement assets with physical non-renewable resources.

Because of this, the Energy Conservation Foundation decided to develop the ECF ecological public chain to solve these industry problems. As the first side chain of the ECF ecological public chain, the non-renewable resource chain is a new type of non-renewable resource chain based on the APoS consensus. Its main feature is the use of asset delegation as a consensus to reduce cryptocurrency pairs. Consumption of power resources reduces the performance of participating gates, making their production methods more decentralized and more secure. People can participate in the mining of cryptocurrencies and generate credit and value through mathematical algorithms and distributed mining.

Due to the strong technology, NRC uses the decentralization, security, and traceability of the blockchain. NRC with huge transaction processing technology can easily process millions of transactions per second, and the transaction processing speed can continue to increase with the increase in scale. And smart contracts, which help global non-renewable resource investors to make digital assets, which not only makes the transaction ledger more open and credible, expands the liquidity and trading depth of partners, and will make market makers use exchanges The income from the spread is returned to individual investors, providing creative and humanized high-end services to global members. At the same time, it can also solve the difficulties of difficult sharing of metal mineral resources data, traceability of sources, high cost across regions, difficulty in improving energy efficiency, long settlement cycles, and difficulty in financing.

It is believed that in the near future, digital assets on the NRC will cover all industries and form a huge asset value network. Based on this shared database, all participants can greatly simplify the docking process, reduce customer acquisition costs, and improve asset circulation. The business opportunities brought by efficiency and value exchange will be infinitely expanded. The NRC public chain will break the layout of the non-renewable resource public chain. It will be a blockbuster, truly reshape the blockchain market, and start the next myth to create wealth.

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