Greenway to Ideal City – Jincheng Park International Architectural Design Competition successfully held

The “Jincheng Park International Architectural Design Competition”, sponsored by Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, organized by Chengdu Park City Construction and Management Bureau and Chengdu Tianfu Greenway Construction and Investment Co., Ltd. and undertaken by Chengdu Z/S Studio, was successfully held on December 8, and the Tea Observing House by Feng Jinming for plot No. 7 was awarded the trophy of “Best City Design”.

The design competition started its global recruitment on October 28, 2019 and invited seven professors from world-leading universities for architecture and renowned architects as supervisors to assess and guide the contestants. Meanwhile, the competition received 223 entries from domestic and overseas top architecture colleges and world-famous architecture institutions. It is fair to say that the competition, with the participation of international architects and new outstanding architecture designers, has been the most internationalized and the most competitive one in the history of Chengdu architectural design competition.


The seven supervisors of the competition are: Ali Rahim, Professor of Architecture, Director of Advanced Architectural Design, University of Pennsylvania; Stefan Al, Senior Associate Principal at KPF Associates; Stewart Dodd, Head of Program Architectural Association Visiting School Chengdu; Inaqui Carnicero, Professor of Yale University; George Kunihiro, Past President, Architects Regional Council Asia (ARCASIA); Damian Tang, Immediate Past President of International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Asia Pacific region; and Christopher Groesbeck, Founding Principal of HCD International LLC, Chicago and Beijing office. 

With the theme of “Greenway to Ideal City”, the Jincheng Park International Architectural Design Competition took seven single buildings of Jincheng Park as the competition plots; contestants were encouraged to create a new landmark space demonstrating features of Chengdu and following the standard of the international practices while manifesting the concept of sustainable development as a park city and the future development trends of buildings. The competition was aimed at not only redefining the greenway sites, but also transforming the city image.

In November 2019, 42 groups of contestants were shortlisted to the preliminary competition and submitted their design works within half a month. Supervisors were assigned to different plots, and they were asked to select 3 groups of works for the finals for each plot after thorough assessment from the perspective of architecture specialty, city’s future, and local culture, among other criteria.

From December 5 to 6, 2019, seven supervisors came to Chengdu, investigated the plots with the contestants and offered them valuable suggestions. On December 7, the rematch of Jincheng Park International Architecture Design Competition was held at Chengdu MyDream Plus. Throughout fierce competition for almost 10 hours, “The 7 Best Architecture Designs” were selected from 21 contestants of 18 cities in 6 countries: Joseph from London, Liu Xiao from Guangzhou, Fang Zhuoxin from Chengdu, Sun Lidong from Kunming, Qi Fan from Chongqing, Yang Baoxin from Chengdu, and Feng Jinming from Wuhan, and the institutions represented by them were the winners for the 7 best plot design schemes. Their design philosophy, scheme completeness, creativity, and cross-culture views have demonstrated a global vision and extremely high proficiency of the competition. That is to say, the competition, with in-depth communication between the supervisors and contestants, is not just a discussion of architecture, but a re-interpretation of the city’s history and culture, as well as a wild imagination of Chengdu’s future.

At the finals on December 8, the winning groups were given the floor again for the “Best City Design”. Apart from seven supervisors, this competition also attracted 50 public reviewers with various professions in Chengdu. As locals who have witnessed the city’s development, they voted on behalf of the public and different industries. Finally, based on supervisors’ review and public votes, the Tea Observing House by Feng Jinming for plot No. 7 was awarded the trophy of “Best City Design”.

As one of China’s famous historical and cultural cities, Chengdu is regarded as the Land of Abundance, prominent for its sustained prosperity since ancient times. The city is famous for its cultural riches and nowadays is also a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation, keeping abreast of China’s modernization process. According to the global city ranking published by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network, or GaWC, Chengdu was on the Beta+ list of 2-level cities together with cities like Boston, Hamburg and Copenhagen.

The building of greenway is the core to the municipal government’s strategy to improve the citizens’ wellbeing and make the city green ecologically and environmentally friendly, prospering in industrial development while keeping the sustainability. This Jincheng Park International Architectural Design Competition not only provides an excellent opportunity for new architects around the world to share their creation, but also makes architectural works with innovation and cultural connotation become the important carrier of urban public facilities and citizens’ lives. More importantly, with numerous designs, exchange of ideas and cross-sector interactions, such a competition that has gathered the world architectural capacity will undoubtedly unleash the city’s creativity and lead to a better future of the city.

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