EAORON Gold Anti-sugar Facial Scrub, a Skin Care Product that Australian Girls must Buy in a Pharmacy

In that field of skin care, there are a number of foreign brands claiming “local products are sold well” in the ad to mark the popularity of the product. However, many of the so-called online celebrity brands that are widely publicized in China, aer no sales at all in the local mainstream channel. It’s suggested by the industry insiders that the choice of imported skin care products must be the first choice for the big brands that the local people will buy.

The other day, the reporter paid a special visit to CW, Australia’s largest pharmacy in Sydney. He’s on the ground to find out that in that local area of sydney, the skin care products that were most popular with the most popular Australian girls were EAORON. However, the fastest increase in sales of skin care products in recent pharmacy is the skin artifact developed by EAORON-Gold anti-sugar facial scrub.

On December 8, a reporter noticed at a CW pharmacy in the central part of the city of Sydney. EAORON shelves occupies the most prominent position at the entrance. Within half an hour of the reporter’s keeping watch, local Australian consumers would come to the shelf to purchase skin care products from time to time. Most of them just picked up the goods and checked out without hesitation, which can be seen that they were the loyal cusomters of the brand.

The reporter saw that at the EAORON counter, a variety of classic pieces were displayed, such as an application type water light needle, a bee venom mask, a gold anti-sugar facial scrub, an oxygen bubble mask, and the like, among them, gold anti-sugar facial scrub are marked with the words “popular style” in large and conspicuous fonts. The pharmacy-in-charge pharmacist, Sarah, told reporters, that the anti-sugar facial scrub was one of the skin care products for daily use, and was also one of the fastest-rising items in sales in the recent CW pharmacy, and it’s with higher repurchase rate.

“As a pharmacist, I’m more sensitive to the ingredients and effect of every product and I’m more keen in the natural and effective. Not only EAORON, the gold anti-sugar facial scrub, fully meets my criteria for choosing cosmetics’ natural and non-irritating’  in terms of ingredients, and I became a faithful fan of it after using it for one time.” Sarah expressed that “The first experience of the use has completely subverted my inherent cognitive to facial scrub, the gold-colored abrasive particles are applied to the skin, which is rather gente and delicate. After the rubbing for a moment with warm water, it is as if the essence of the whole body is finished, smooth and tender, and the white and tender degree has been obviously improved.”

Sarah introduced that the ultra-good facial scrub is also very bright in the pharmacy’s sales. It’s showed based on the recent sales data that the sales ofEAORON gold anti-sugar facial scrub  jumped 2.6 times in three months. Among them, new customers increased by 67%, and the repurchase rate increased by 115%. The one that more than 80% of consumers were most satisfied with for the kind of facial scrub was its excellent “whitening and tender for the whole-body skin”.

The reporter learned the reason why EAORON gold anti-sugar facial scrub was favored by the female from Australia who enjoy dressing up, first of all, the strong R&D from the Australian “Medical Beauty geek” EAORON was the primary factor. It is reported that EAORON has made a variety of skin-care and black technology into the golden facial scrub, making it more competitive than plain facial scrub.

First of all, it’s in the effect. The facial scrub is the first facial scrub product with anti-sugar and anti-oxidation function in the world, which can repel the saccharification factor from the root cause, protect the collagen from being saccharified, clear the skin color, and whiten the skin. In view of the problem of skin aging, the facial scrub is added with the natural anti-oxygen tool, which contains rich vitamin E, and keeps the skin long and tender.

The secret that facial scrub keeps the skin smooth and tender is also that it contains the “active nanogold” of the top-level medical beauty of the EAORON. This component contains rich mineral components and negative ions, which can neutralize free radicals, deeply dissolve the unmetabolized waste horniness, and then it is washed and discharged with clean water.

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