Prayers Do Nothing – A film about young activists worldwide looking for financial support on Kickstarter

Franz Bohm, a 20-year old filmmaker wants to put in production a documentary film that follows brave young activists in three different countries as they fight for positive change

One of the most important crowdfunding campaigns of 2019 has been launched on Kickstarter. A talented filmmaker originally from Stuttgart, Germany wants to tell an important story through the lens of a camera, and he is asking for people’s help.

Franz Böhm is working with a team of talented filmmakers from all over the globe to produce a heart-warming film ‘Prayers Do Nothing’ that follows young activists who are putting their lives on the line every single day to fight for political and climate change and to protect the future of the planet. This film will be shocking, heart-warming, and truthful, taking the viewer on a journey to three different countries where people are prepared to go to jail and put their life on the line for what they believe in.

‘Prayers Do Nothing’ looks at what motivates the activists and the lengths they will go to fight for a positive future. It will tell the story that some news media are ignoring, while others are too scared to report what is really happening in their country.

In order for the film to become a reality, Franz Böhm and his team need financial backing. They want people to visit their crowdfunding campaign ( and show support and help those young activities to have their stories told, and help them in their battle to make a change.

“We are fighting against the odds. The outgoing of the conflicts we are covering in the film will have a major influence on future world politics and therefore, on the future generations. I want, no, we need to tell this important story.”


Since June of 2019 two people have died in Hong Kong fighting for what they believe, many more have died around the world trying to provide a positive change, while hundreds more have gone to prison. The world owes it to those people to carry on their fight and to help people to inform the world of the dedication of the young activist who is trying to make a positive change for tomorrow.

Franz Böhm wants to show the audience with his film that the young of today will not be silenced. He wants people who believe in what is right to support the campaign and to share details of the campaign to as many social medium platforms as possible.

To help support the campaign, please visit

About Franz Böhm

Franz Böhm is a filmmaker originally from Stuttgart, Germany. At the age of 13, he decided to become a filmmaker, two weeks later he joined his first project as a Set-runner by lying about his age. At 16, after working his way up to first Assistant Director he made his first solo film Harmonie der Anderen.

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