ENT Specialist Dr. Paul Drago Offers Greenville Residents Allergy Treatment at Affordable Rates

Greenville-based physician, Dr. Paul Drago extends his holistic medicine expertise to offer local residents affordable treatments for both seasonal and perennial allergies.

Greenville – ENT Specialist Dr. Paul Drago has opened up his clinic for the treatment of allergies for anyone resident in his hometown, Greenville.

Dr. Paul Drago is a physician and ENT specialist who has been offering medical and surgical services to clients for over 25 years. His expertise lies in being able to diagnose and treat any kind of allergy, deformity or disease that occurs within the range of the ear, nose and throat.

He holds an interdisciplinary training background that has him well equipped to go beyond just diagnoses and analyses of allergies. Dr. Drago has vast experience in different medical departments, especially the otolaryngologic department. His multi-disciplinary training has enabled him to extend his medical services to allergy patients today.

“Dr. Drago has been treating ENT patients for well over two decades now. However, it only recently came to our notice that there any many allergy patients in the vicinity that often struggle to find affordable care,” explained a spokesperson of Dr. Drago.

Apart from his holistic knowledge and interdisciplinary training, Dr. Drago is known for providing quality care that doesn’t slash the layman’s budget.

“I meet many of Dr. Drago’s patients on the regular. So many of them are his loyal clients because they know Dr. Drago doesn’t charge you for a penny more than what he performs. And that’s quite the deal-breaker when it comes to affordable healthcare,” commented a staff member of Dr. Drago’s clinic.

Dr. Drago says he treats allergies of all kinds; seasonal and perennial. Patients most often visit him for perennial allergies because they’re harder to manage with home remedies. He claims that he always aims for a long-term solution to his patient’s allergies so they don’t have to keep coming back for unnecessary treatments. This is made possible by him customizing treatment methods that work for each individual person based on their unique case.

Patients who are currently dealing with allergies that affect their ear, nose, mouth or throat region can get in touch with Dr. Paul Drago via the contact form listed on his website.

About the Company

Dr. Paul Drago is a physician and ENT specialist who has been offering medical solutions to his clients throughout South Carolina. He holds experience in various clinical departments, however his main area of expertise lies within the otolaryngologic department. He currently serves as a medical director for the department of corrections in South Carolina.

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