Microsoft Unveils Its Next Gen Mobile Device Running the Android Operating System

Microsoft Unveils Its Next Gen Mobile Device Running the Android Operating System

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Microsoft is about to enter again the mobile industry, boasting its latest creation – the Surface Duo. The device has captured lots of attention because of its sleek dual screen configuration and unique features. In the past, the mobile industry has not been too gentle with the tech giant as it miserably failed in its first few attempts, but tides “could” turn and be in favor of Microsoft’s fate now with its latest creation, which is supposed to be released in next year.

In October 2019, Microsoft upended the mobile device industry when they unveiled a long rumored smart phone that they had been working on for a number of years.

The Surface Duo immediately grabbed headlines for its unique design, dual screen configuration, and revolutionary new approach to having to screens in one mobile phone – but that wasn’t necessarily why people were so eager to talk about the new phone from the folks at Microsoft.

Now, the biggest news regarding this device was that Microsoft was turning to technology rival Google for the operating system of this new smart phone. That’s right, the new Microsoft smart phone – the Surface Duo – is going to be running Android and not some overhauled version of Windows Mobile or Windows Phone as had been expected and anticipated.

This turn of events was once believed to be almost impossible. After all, the entire reason that Android was created in the first place was that then Google CEO Eric Schmidt was afraid that Microsoft would dominate the mobile space alongside Apple and decided to create a free, open-source, and powerful mobile operating system to give Google a competitive advantage and a shot at the very lucrative mobile space.

Today, Google has the highest amount of market share in the mobile device world and Android is widely regarded as the reason that the Windows Phone fiasco failed so spectacularly.

Microsoft has tried a couple of times to get into the mobile device world, first with Windows Mobile, later with Windows Phone, and then eventually by purchasing Nokia and trying to break into the business that way.

Each attempt has flamed out in the past but experts believe that Microsoft is poised to become a major player in the mobile device world with this Surface Duo product.

For starters, this is a brand-new approach at creating a dual screened mobile device. Rather than take advantage of foldable touchscreen materials Microsoft as instead opted for two independent 5.6 inch touchscreens that are connected with a 360° mechanical hinge.

This allows the screens to operate independently of one another as well as in concert and conjunction with each other, opening up a world of opportunity for applications and mobile device tack that just does not exist right now.

Combine that with a design language and hardware engineering approach in line with the wildly successful Surface product lineup from Microsoft – the devices that made laptop/tablet hybrids a force in the technology world already – and you are looking at something special here.

Don’t expect to be able to get your hands on a Microsoft Surface Duo for about another year, though. The device is currently being further refined and optimized with the expectation that it is going to ship and be available for sale during the holiday shopping season of 2020.

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