SovereignBoss Announces the Release of the Most In-Depth Equity Release Calculator, With Industry Leading Low-Interest Rates

SovereignBoss Announces the Release of the Most In-Depth Equity Release Calculator, With Industry Leading Low-Interest Rates

London, UK – SovereignBoss has announced the launch of an online platform that has been designed to help residents of the United Kingdom discover how to unlock their cash, compare schemes and more. As a consumer-focused online platform, the website has also incorporated a new in-depth equity release calculator, with industry-leading low rates to help consumers calculate the equity in their homes for better retirement planning.

The online platform offers visitors in-depth and well-researched information into what equity release is, how they can benefit from it, and who can benefit from it. As a United Kingdom-based company focused on mortgage lending, the online platform, As Featured on NeConnected, offers in-depth information to homeowners over the age of 55 who wish to gain access to the money that has been tied up in their property over the years. With the newly released equity release calculator, clients and visitors of the platform can enjoy a better chance of accessing the value of their home, tax-free, without having to sell their properties.

Announcing the release of the new equity release calculator, the spokesperson for their company, John Lawson, As Featured on Small Bizsense, said, “With an equity release, you can choose how much extra income you want to raise for your retirement, by unlocking money from your property. With an equity release plan, you can access the value of your home, tax-free, without having to sell, giving you money to spend on whatever you want. We aim to make the process of cashing out on the equity of your home simpler, by launching our online calculator, which has been designed to help you get the best value.”

In addition to information regarding how visitors and clients can cash out on the equity on their homes, SovereignBoss, As Featured on EntrepeneurshipinaBox, also offers in-depth information regarding home reversion, which involves the sale of part or all of the client’s property, in exchange for a cash lump sum and or regular income.

The experts at SovereignBoss also discuss in detail additional financial and investment information which visitors need to make the best decisions towards their retirement. As part of the information resources offered on their website, SovereignBoss discusses the issue of international investment, peeling back the curtain on the sacred information which visitors of their website are not familiar with.

The online platform also offers information on offshore banking, offshore companies, offshore trusts, and UK pensions. SovereignBoss on Twitter also discusses some of the other calculators that have been developed by the platform to help retirees and those looking to retire set up their lives after retirement. Some of the calculators offered on the platform include buy to let mortgage calculator, drawdown mortgage calculator, equity release calculator, home reversion calculator, lifetime mortgage calculator, refinance calculator, retirement mortgage calculator, ROI mortgage calculator and more.

SovereignBoss is headquartered at 65 Holland Park Ave, London, E1 6AN GB. Contact their team via phone at +44114994878 or send online enquiries via email to To take advantage of their online resources, visit their website at

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