Altius Healthcare Offers Manchester Physio Services at Newly Opened Manchester City Clinic

Altius Healthcare Offers Manchester Physio Services at Newly Opened Manchester City Clinic
Altius Healthcare and their newly opened facility in Manchester offers top of the line injury recovery services such as physiotherapy. Altius Healthcare utilizes a simple approach to their treatment and has found success over the years in treating some of the top athletes in the United Kingdom.

Manchester, UK – Altius Healthcare is an England based healthcare facility that focuses on providing every person they treat with the same high level of care that an elite athlete enjoys. Altius Healthcare aims to treat each of their patients with a high level of care by helping them reach their goals, to live and work better, and to climb higher in life and achieve as much as possible. This high level of care health facility in Manchester has recently opened a new physio services center in the Manchester City Clinic Centre.

At the new Altius Healthcare Manchester City location, this physio clinic combines an exceptional standard of care with cutting edge technology and treatment techniques, particularly in the realm of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is an area of the health care field that focuses on human function and movement while maximizing the physical potential of the patient. With their focus in this area, Altius Healthcare has been considered one of the leading providers of elite sports rehabilitation in the United Kingdom and works with a wide range of athletes to get them in the best physical health possible. From working with Olympic athletes to professional footballers, Altius Healthcare and the Manchester physio team works with some of the best athletes that the United Kingdom has to offer.

While Altius Healthcare is one of the leaders in physiotherapy treatment in the United Kingdom and provides many top athletes with physiotherapy treatment, they provide their clients with a variety of other services as well. Altius Healthcare offers general rehabilitation, pilates, yoga, sports massage, myofascial releases, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, chiropody, shockwave therapy, along with many other treatments that are designed to get the human body performing at a high functioning level.

While Altius Healthcare offers a wide range of medical services, it may be difficult to determine which one is truly what the client requires. Fortunately for the client, Altius Healthcare utilizes a simple approach to determine that. The top of the line medical team starts off the process by figuring out exactly what ails that client. After the initial diagnosis, Altius Healthcare decides on the treatment that works and they treat the cause, not the symptoms. Altius Healthcare believes in addressing all of the factors that contribute to the injury in order to understand, manage, and maintain health. After treatment, Altius Healthcare educates its clients on rehabilitation and how to support their physical requirements with specific measurements to chart progress and achieve targeted goals. Altius Healthcare aims to understand the needs of the individual in order to determine how to get them back to a high level of functionality.

Altius Healthcare and their new location is found at 17 St John St, Manchester, Greater Manchester, UK and can be contacted via phone at 0161 826 6861 or via email at For more information on their new Manchester location as well as their physiotherapy services, visit their website. 

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