Li Lingwei – the leader of the blockchain industry

Innovation drives economic change. Blockchain is currently the hottest topic and rarest opportunity. Li Lingwei, the head of the EMU project, as an entrepreneur in the blockchain field, he has his own unique insights into the blockchain.

Mr. Li graduated from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore with a degree in Computer Information and Science, and an MBA from Harvard University. He engaged in business management after graduation.

In 2005, Mr. Li served as the technical supervisor of IBM’s cloud computing team and began to focus on Internet and blockchain research. After four years in office, he joined AlphaPoint in 2009 as the chief architect of blockchain technology development and application, and has a prominent position in the blockchain field. Besides, during 2012-2018, as the initiator and operating officer of the R3 Blockchain Alliance, Mr. Li continued to combine blockchain technology with the current era background to help economic and social development.

At present, Mr. Li is currently the head of the EMU project and unites outstanding talents in the global blockchain field, committed to creating a comprehensive digital and ecological platform based on “blockchain + 5G”, and helping the industrial development of 5G. EMU stands out in many advantageous projects and has inseparable links with Mr. Li and the team’s capabilities and strategic planning.

The 2019 World Blockchain Summit opened in Beijing. Mr. Li published his unique insights into the blockchain industry and analyzed the challenges that the blockchain must face in the future. He believes that a new round of industrial revolution characterized by accelerated innovation and integration of information technology is booming. Blockchain technology is of great significance to promote high-quality economic development. He pointed out that after ten years of hard work, the blockchain is constantly infiltrating into all walks of life and has shown a good development trend. However, to truly realize the value of the blockchain, there are still huge challenges. These challenges are related to science and technology, as well as policies and laws. Among the important challenges of the blockchain, Mr. Li believes that the most critical is still related to the “autonomy” and “trusted” characteristics of the blockchain.

Today, Mr. Li persists in innovation and continuously researches blockchain technology to revitalize the blockchain market. His unique innovative thinking is impressive. Mr. Li is a legend in the field of blockchain.

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