Revolutionary New app on Kickstarter to make city streets safer for everyone

Police Help will allow users to send picture or criminals and location of crime scene to the police immediately just when the crime is actually happening so that the cops can take immediate action.

Many criminals get to escape scot-free due to late reporting of crime. Not any more! An Oslo-based good Samaritan and techie, Mr. Robert Fitzgerald, has recently launched a new breakthrough app on Kickstarter that will enable users to request for police assistant instantly when they are being subjected to criminal violence. Aptly titled “Police Help”, the app lets you to register a complaint with the police in no more than 5 seconds.

The campaign is geared to raise around $50,941 within January 9, 2020.

Police Help is designed to make city streets safer for everyone through immediate reporting of crime to police. The app  allows instant dissemination of information of a crime digitally, particularly when the mishap is actually occurring. Upon receiving the request, the police can immediately send the nearest car to the crime location so that the criminal can be caught red-handed. 

“Police Help will enable you to request for police assistance just when you need it the most- the exact time when you are being subjected to criminal violence. A lot of the time, criminals get to escape scot-free because victims don’t stay in a position to call or drive to the police to lodge a complaint. But, you can let go of those worries now. Police Help will enable you to request police assistance immediately with just a press on a specific button of the app. There is no need to drive to the police or call them. Just one press on the app and you will soon have cops at the crime location to rescue you and arrest the criminal,” stated Mr. Fitzgerald.

The idea behind Police Help was inspired by a personal tragedy in his life. As per his statements, his  brother was attacked on the street with a hammer but the criminals got to escape because the victim was not in a position to inform the police at that time. 

“I know fast police response is crucial to reduce criminal violence and improve safety for all. Police Help is designed to assure others don’t have to face the same ill fate that my brother had to go through.”

Using the app is as easy as 1-2-3. 

  • Open the app and point the phone camera towards the culprit

  • Press “Send” for .3 to 5 seconds and it will immediately register a complaint with the police

The police will get the image of the victim (the app user), the attacker as well as the exact crime location in seconds. The app will automatically send the user’s current GPS location to police so that they know where to exactly find you. All these important details received just on time will enable the cops to take action as fast as possible which will eventually ensure speedier redressal of crimes. Users can also communicate with police through live chatting on the app interface.

“Police Help will also enable you to assist in fighting crime without hampering your own safety. A lot of people are afraid to protest a crime happening before them fearing their own safety. Police Help will enable you to send the information of a crime scene near you and the culprit so that the cops can take action fast. As you can do everything here very subtly and in just seconds, you can march on without putting yourself at risk. Crime rates are rising and our safety is at stake. We need Police Help in every phone today. Our app is currently on the prototype stage and looking forward to launch the final product soon. But, that calls for robust financial backup and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring our app to England market and also to other cities to make streets safer for all of us.”

Backers will be rewarded with discounted access to Police Help, Police Help mug and so on.

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