Customers Can Achieve a Photo-Ready Complexion With Gotham Glow

A tan is one of the best ways to get a healthy, glowing complexion regardless of the season. A tan can also make models more confident in showing their skin whether getting ready for a photo shoot or walking the runway. Corporate professionals also get tans when they’re attending networking and formal event. Of course, a tan is a great way to get ready for the summer season and make swimsuits and summer outfits more appealing. Gotham Glow is committed to giving customers the tan they want and offers several packages and tanning techniques for a variety of skin tones. Goop even voted Gotham Glow the Best Spray Tan in NYC, since several celebrities and busy professionals have been customers and were very pleased with their results.

Gotham Glow’s tanning packages includes the signature package, which is the most popular choice among customers. Clients can also choose the Microglow, which isn’t quite a tan, but makes the skin look livelier during the colder months of the year. This package is particularly popular in NYC, where the winters are harsh. Gotham Glow also provides the Macroglow, which includes the trusted Gotham Glow formula developed with DHA for customers to achieve a more defined glow. This tanning method is ideal for darker skin tones and provides a bronze-like glow to make the skin look healthier. Customers who want to get the fastest tan possible can get the Gotham Glow Express, which provides a tan rinse that takes half the time of a regular session. Customers can leave the solution on the skin for 2 hours to achieve a healthy glow, or leave the tanning solution on for 4 hours for a warmer, more pronounced tan.

Gotham Glow’s team of trained tan technicians make the tanning process hassle-free for customers. Since the tanning service is mobile, clients will enter a tent to receive their spray tan in private and can have a glowing tan in less than 15 minutes. This is ideal for busy professionals who may not have time to visit a brick-and-mortar location and spend an hour or two at a tanning salon. The tanning team also helps each client choose the tanning solution and color to use. For clients who want the Express Tan, the solution is developed and ready to rinse after 4 hours. The classic tanning solution from Gotham Glow takes a minimum of 8 hours to fully develop. Clients wear a swimsuit for the tanning session to ensure that the solution settles evenly or a disposable thong provided by the salon. Other clients choose to tan nude, since the tan lines can’t be blended once the solution has tried on the skin.

Customers who are interested in getting quality tanning services from Gotham Glow can visit the physical location at 1123 Broadway, Suite 417 in NYC or call 212-592-0368 to make an appointment. Clients can also book their appointment online.

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