Pearlydean Marketing Recently Released a Guide on How to Find Motivated Sellers

Any real estate broker would want to deal with motivated sellers than any type of seller. They offer their property at a lower price and they are quick to agree on any contract. But looking for such elusive sellers might be tough which is why they need the help of a marketing company like Pearlydean Marketing.

Pearlydean Marketing just released their latest article on finding motivated seller leads. Motivated sellers are people who are quite eager to let go of their property as quick as possible. Tapping this kind of demographic is every real estate broker’s dream because dealing with a motivated seller is far easier than a regular homeowner. For one thing, their predicament forces them to sell their property quickly and at a much-reduced price. In most cases, these sellers are in a crisis and would want to transfer ownership on a property as soon as possible. Some reasons behind a motivated seller include inheriting a property they don’t want, in the middle of a divorce, the property needs expensive repairs, behind on a payment, facing foreclosure, etc.

The article starts with advising brokers on how to find motivated sellers. It starts off with creating a list of possible places to search these types of sellers such as public records, internet searches, and networking around a given area. Next is to build collateral, a fancy way of saying leaflets and posters in order to make their services readily available so a motivated seller can reach out to them easily. The tasks also involve sending direct mail to possible candidates and scheduling follow-ups. Once they’ve accumulated potential leads, they can filter them, looking for the ones who fall into the category of a motivated seller.

Pearlydean Marketing is a marketing firm that specializes in helping customers seek out their target audience through SEO and paid search, as well as keyword searches. In most cases, motivated sellers turn to the internet to look for ways they can dispose of their property quickly using specific keywords and phrases. In order for a real estate firm to grab these people’s attention, they need to be ranked high when specific keywords are used in the search. In order for this to happen, they need to optimize their search engine and organic search results. Key phrases like “sell my home fast” and “cash for home” are the common keywords motivated sellers as they search online. If real estate agency sites incorporate these keywords, or similar phrases, into their site, they will show up on top in search engine results.

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