Colombian engineer & Great Content Creator, Juanma Salazar wants to give Example of responsible use of social networks

Social media networks both offer a positive and negative impact on the community. Juanma Salazar in the United States wants contribute to promoting responsible social media usage more effectively.

Juan Manuel Rojas Salazar, better known as Juanma Salazar and a Colombian telecommunications engineer, currently based in the United States, where he continues his training to obtain licenses and certificates for his professional career being an engineer while developing Hispanic entertainment in the US. He among the engineers in the world who has developed an artistic life as a content creator.

Salazar is a well-known creator of viral comedy content on different social networks, and also has a significant experience working hand in hand with the Facebook company. The content he created is suitable for the whole family, and he is committed to promoting education and safe use of various social networks.

By winning the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award 2017 Digital Revelation, Salazar became more effective being verified as a public figure in different social networks. He is known by many to be against the junk content as it can damage the youth. He believes that every content creator should have an alternative education and needs to be careful with the example they produce to the audience.

Due to the popularity of Juanma Salazar in the field of entertainment along with his creativity in social networks, he was able to obtain advertising campaigns with various brands across the world. He was allowed to represent several brands like Coke, Kia, Volkswagen, Paramount Channel, HBO, Nickelodeon, Fox, and more. He always creates organic content with non- invasive suggestions of products and services.

According to Salazar: “Creativity and talent do not take away from anyone, but your quarter of an hour of fame can disappear at any time, so the best plan b that an artist can have is a strong professional education.”

About Juanma Salazar:

Juanma Salazar is a dedicated and successful content creator and promotes the responsible use of all social networks. He believes that the best use of the different social network is to disseminate the initiatives to help the community and the environment. He took part in contributing to the foundations that rescue animals and plant coral for the restoration of the ocean ecosystem.

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