An Amazing hiking trip from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala to Lake Atitlan

An Amazing hiking trip from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala to Lake Atitlan

The 42 km trip will be taking hikers through coffee farms, alongside corn fields, a cloud forest with pines where you might spot the Quetzal (Guatemala’s national bird), rivers, creeks, ravines, grasslands, isolated houses and villages.  The walk/hike is part of the Sierra Madre Mountains, in one of the most beautiful and isolated parts of Guatemala’s nature, therefore you will be able to see up to 15 volcanoes  including San Pedro, Atitlan, Toliman, Fuego, Acatenango, Santa Maria, Cerro Quemado, Agua, Tacana and Tajumulco. 

The entire trip is designed to offer you an appreciation of the geography of Guatemala and to take you on a hike that is bound to give you a unique experience of Guatemala’s geography, view the nature of isolated areas and  eat meals cooked by indigenous people.

After such a diverse experience, the trip ends with the serene and beautiful Lake Atitlan and lots of shopping at one of the largest indigenous markets of central America. The organization won’t just arrange some of the best and most enjoyable treks for you but will also assist you with tourism, transport, accommodation and other rental services that are

The hikes mostly include volcanoes like Tajumulco, the tallest in Central America, Santa Maria, Santiaguito, and Cerro Quemado all of which offer a marvelous view of La Sierra Madre Mountains, the low and highlands, the Pacific Ocean and dozens of cities. The more adventurous souls can even hike from Quetzaltenango to Lake Atitlan, a 3-day beautiful journey.

When it comes to experiencing something authentic yet unique, Casa Xelaju has always topped the list. This organization offers a unique blend of history, culture and adventure and make sure that you remember the trek in Guatemala the rest of your life!

About Casa Xelaju

Casa Xelaju, established as a school to teach Spanish and make people aware of the culture and heritage of Guatemala. Gradually, the school began to include volunteering in a community and also began to offer authentic experiences to travelers through various treks and tours. They have become one of the top names in the trekking & tourism industry in Guatemala. 


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