“The List of Must-buy items for New Zealand Tourism” was Released, BEGGI External-coating Type Nose-protecting Paste was on the List

In recent years, many products owned by New Zealand’s No. 1 rhinitis brand BEGGI have been listed in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. Its series of products, such as external nasal cream, intelligent temperature mask, nasal water, intelligent pulse nasal washer and so on, are popular all over the world, becoming hundreds of millions of rhinitis patients choose to use rhinitis brand. The popularity of BEGGI in the global market has also led to the sale of tourists of its origin in New Zealand. It’s reported by the reporter that Ricentral, a well-known financial observation media, recently released the “the List of Must-buy items for New Zealand Tourism” and BEGGI was on the list, and its first global product, BEGGI, has become one of the most popular products sold in New Zealand pharmacies and accompanied gift shops.

Since its launch in 2019, sales of BEGGI applied nasal cream have soared in New Zealand’s local market. At present, it is firmly in the top spot in the sales of rhinitis products in New Zealand. The reporter learned that at present, the classic products owned by BEGGI are selling well in more than 5000 offline stores in New Zealand. With an average annual sales of more than 100000 units, it is a “nose-protecting device” with the hands of New Zealand men and women,old and young.  At the same time, the children’s nasal cream has become a “conscience recommendation” product for mothers.

Enjoying great popularity among the people, the new zealand “nose-protecting device” also quickly opens the market in the global market, which is famous among rhinitis patients in Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States. In accordance with survey data released jointly by the financial and economic observation column Ricentral and the top 10 local pharmacies, New Zealand tourists’ favorite local specialties include Maluca honey, sheep oil, wool products, cosmetics, milk powder, health products, etc. wherein A2 milk powder, BEGGI nose cream and other local brands are listed as leading sales”the List of Must-buy items for New Zealand Tourism”.

We counted the sales data of nearly 100 stores in major pharmacies in the center of the city, airports, tourist attractions, and so on, as the tourist source of these stores is mainly foreign tourists, the sales of each brand item in these stores is an important basis for selecting the list of must-buy items for tourists.” According to Joey, editor-in-chief of the column,  “on the monthly best-selling list of these stores in the most recent year, the BEGGI nasal cream was 87 %. At the same time, more than 80% of stores have put BEGGI nasal cream on the ‘popular’ label, as can be seen the popularity of the single product by tourists.

“In China, a lot of people know about this New Zealand nose protective device, which not only relieves rhinitis symptoms, but also smells like a delicate lipstick and is easy to use and carry.” Chen Cheng, a Chinese tourist, told city marshals at the store of PharmacyDirect Pharmacy in New Zealand airport that” the product against rhinitis does not have a similar product in the country and it feels that it is especially suitable for friends with rhinitis in China as a accompaniment gift.”

The leporter learned that the part of the most New Zealand characteristic of the BEGGI nose paste is the natural and effective component, that is, New zealand national treasure class precious natural resource maluca honey, as well as eucalyptus essential oil in which New Zealand maluca honey has strong antibacterial ability. It can stimulate the auto-repair and renewal of nasopharyngeal tissue cells and construct a healthy protective barrier for nasal mucosa regeneration. At the same time, BEGGI also added the Australian national treasure “Youjiaali essential oil” to the ingredient. The essential oil has strong bactericidal effect, not only can it relieve the nasal obstruction, regulate the rhinitis, but also it can inhibit the common cold virus.

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