Pita Pit Capitalizes on Industry Trends

Pita Pit Capitalizes on Industry Trends

Improving service on both sides of the counter is a top priority for businesses in the food service industry today. The most effective branding ideas are built on a solid foundation that’s backed by cutting-edge research, years of experience, and testing. The Pita Pit restaurant franchise has begun using unique and new branding to find success in this growing niche market.

Finding the Way in the Food Franchise Industry

For Pita Pit, the foundation was built on a key factor — identifying the key demographic drivers and the niche market that it serves. This is a base that has been built one customer at a time since the brand was founded over 21 years ago in the city of Kingston, Ontario in Canada. Those in charge have honed the mission and improved and expanded it ever since. Today, the brand is moving forward, positioned to open the 700th global location and Pita Pit is continuing to set itself apart by combining the lighter and fresher flavors featuring a signature flattop grilled taste.

A New and Exciting Marketing Position

To help celebrate this unique position, Pita Pit recently announced an all-new marketing initiative, which has showcased its ability to offer fresh and flavorful pitas and other healthy options. This new effort is designed to embrace those who feel like they have been abandoned by some of the more traditional QSR concepts, which include the under-represented vegan and vegetarian market.  

The combination of freshness along with the signature grilled flavors were some of the most important factors for customers across every demographic. Some news that’s even more appealing is that the grilled taste and the fresh ingredients are found on all parts of the menu.

The next step in these marketing efforts to position the signature tastes to help connect with the core demographic of the brand. Approximately 65% of the franchise’s customer base is a part of the millennial generation, and the brand is using its latest marketing efforts to reach them on a more personal level.

Now is the Time for New Franchisees to Act

One of the biggest takeaways for this new marketing effort is that now is the time for new franchisees to act and make an investment in this business by visiting https://franchisepitapitusa.com/the-opportunity/locations/. The marketing efforts in place today have positioned Pita Pit in a way that the company isn’t competing with the other QSR concepts that are out there. For example, people return to some concepts simply because the food is cheap. However, people will return to Pita Pit because the food tastes better and customers will pay more for the great-tasting and healthier food.

For Pita Pit, today’s market the perfect “storm” of opportunity. Now that a core market for the brand has been identified and targeted, it’s up to the individual Pita Pit franchisees to meet their customer’s specific needs. This adaptability to consumer trends and preferences is one of the key reasons that the Pita Pit brand is so flexible and offers so many appealing options to customers. Learn more by visiting https://franchisepitapitusa.com/.

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