DoNotPay Launches Robo Dialer To Save Consumers Time

“DoNotPay gets you out of parking tickets and forgotten subscriptions. It also notifies you when your turn comes up in the phone queue for customer service from any company. All you have to do is input the name of the company you want to contact. DoNotPay will call them and use special tricks to get a hold of a real person as quickly as possible. DoNotPay then calls you back and hands you over to the customer service rep with no wait time at all.”
– Joshua Browder, Founder and CEO
DoNotPay offers a variety of innovative features to make legal and bureaucratic procedures quick and effortless. Among these, DoNotPay lets you contact customer service reps from an ever-expanding list of over ten thousand companies without waiting on hold. You simply tell the app what problem you’re having with what company and it will navigate the phone tree and wait on hold so that you don’t have to. It will notify you once it reaches a real human being.

Despite the rise of the internet, some of life’s old-school nuisances linger on. Among these is the need to call a company’s customer service hotline, navigate the phone tree, and wait on hold for the next available representative. This can ruin your day and waste a colossal amount of time. People regularly wait for hours with no guarantee that their problem will be solved quickly and respectfully. By waiting on hold for you, DoNotPay cuts a lot of the aggravation out of contacting a given company’s helpline. The service won’t cost you a dime, either.

DoNotPay knows how to navigate the phone tree on the customer service hotline of tens of thousands of companies. No matter the industry or the nature of your problem, the app can get you to the right person to take care of your issue without you having to wait with the phone filling your ear with easy listening music. You might need to contact a store for information about refunds or contact an airline about booking changes. Perhaps you have been unfairly billed by your internet service provider or want to upgrade the suite you booked at a hotel. DoNotPay will get you talking to the right person with no wait time at all.

The gaming industry is displacing television and cinema as the dominant force in the world of entertainment. The interaction and engagement that gaming offers mean that players get incredibly passionate about the games they play. As such, the customer service hotlines of the major gaming companies are ringing off the hook with queries from their user base. Still, you need two hands for gaming, so DoNotPay often gets used to contact companies such as Ubisoft, Mojang, and Rockstar.

At the time of writing, DoNotPay is available for the iPhone or as a web app that is accessible through any browser. The Android version is coming soon.

DoNotPay is a San Francisco company founded by Joshua Browder to cut the minor bureaucratic and legal hassles out of your life. Besides helping you contact customer support at over ten thousand companies, the app can help you dispute parking tickets and get your fines dismissed. It can also get you an appointment at the DMV or guide you through the procedure of suing a company or individual in a small claims court. Do you want a virtual credit card so that you can sign up for free trials with no fear of getting billed when they end? DoNotPay has got you covered.

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