Ultra-premium Organic Clothing brand Dezayno to be featured on premium Organic Products store Kinilly, a First for the Fashion Industry

Premium Organic Apparel Brand Dezayno will be featured on the web’s top-ranked Organic Products store, and the fashion industry is buzzing all about it.

In the world of fashion, it is becoming increasingly popular for consumers to seek eco-friendly and often organic focused companies to do business with. Loyalty is patterned behind brands that build confidence. Frankly speaking, this can only be achieved by clothing brands with a true commitment to quality and a love for the environment.

One hot resource for consumers shopping online is Kinilly.com. At Kinilly Natural & Organic Products, they carefully review the products they offer and ensure that they are chemical-free, all-natural and/or organic. Eco-savvy consumers lean on Kinilly for finding primary all-natural and organic products while shopping online. Thus, it is no surprise, that Kinilly.com was able to land a milestone deal with ultra-premium organic clothing brand Dezayno.

In the coming months, you will soon be able to shop for super limited edition Dezayno premium organic tees and organic clothing at Kinilly’s online store for organic products. A first for these premium brands.

This is a first for ultra-premium apparel brand Dezayno, and what better place to appear first, than one of the biggest places for premium organic products on the web? Seriously, just Google: Organic Products –and you will quickly find Kinilly. Their team does extensive research, thorough personal team product testing and examination of every included ingredient used to make the natural and organic products sold on their site are just that. Shoppers at Kinilly know they are getting some of the best of the best in terms of quality.

It is exciting for the fashion industry to see an eco-friendly, carbon-neutral, certified organic, premium organic brands like Dezayno getting some recognition and exposure on Kinilly. Can’t wait to see if a possible artist or design collaboration might be in store in the future.

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