How Florian Silnicki Became a Master of Work/Life Balance

How Florian Silnicki Became a Master of Work/Life Balance

“Florian Silnicki showcasing traveling tips on his Instagram.”
When we think about attaining the perfect balance of working and living, it may often seem like an impossible task. However. entrepreneurs like Florian Sinicki have figured out a way to enjoy their lives while still maintaining successful careers. With a background in public relations crisis management, Florian has also built a massive social media following by sharing his exciting travel experiences through Instagram.

You may be wondering how he has been able to achieve the perfect work-life balance, and the secret may be as simple as finding something he was truly passionate about and building a company around that passion. As the famous saying goes. if you do what you love, you will never work another day in your life. For Florian, that theme has helped him become an industry titan and lead a life full of fun all at the same time.

Transforming Crises into Opportunities

Florian Silnicki is the proud Founding President of LaFrenchCom, which is a leader in public relations crisis management based in Paris. France. Born in 1987 to an Italian mother and Polish father, the 31-year-old pioneer went on to earn his Master’s degree in public business law from Pantheon Assas Paris II University and worked as a parliamentary associate of Frank Riester before becoming UMP under General Secretary Xavier Bertrand. He learned early on. through his experience in the political realm, about the importance of public relations and crisis management With these lessons. Florian has been able to build a highly successful career in the area of crisis management and has helped prominent politicians, entrepreneurs. and other public figures rebuild their reputations and ultimately avert all-out PR crises. He has also helped many entities to navigate the world of public relations and advises many executive boards on strategies that can help them to retain a positive public image.

Florian is also an established public speaker. which has allowed him to become a highly sought after figure for seminars and presentations about the state of the public relations industry. With his expertise. he has become a link between his clients and the media, allowing him to influence the public perceptions of his clients so that they are able to maintain a positive image in the eyes of their communities. In his eyes. the court of public opinion is far more influential than judicial courts, and a healthy relationship must be maintained with the general public in order for an organization to continue to thrive in the face of adversity.

Life Outside of the Office… Way Outside

One of Florian’s favorite things to do is travel and explore the world around him. Through his love of traveling the globe and photographing his experiences, he has been able to build quite the presence for himself on social media. His Instagram profile alone counts more than 25,000 followers, and you can tell just by scrolling through a couple of posts that he has lots of fun on his adventures. Of course, his public relations experience has allowed him to portray a super positive image and his Instagram photos exude light-hearted energy. What is most striking about his collection of carefully curated travel photos is his expression of love for the simple things. Everything from nature to art, fashion, and architecture are all presented in a way that is vivid and a bit humorous. It is evident that there is a bright future for him as a social media influencer.

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